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Traditional Décor

When shopping for home décor do you find that the traditional pieces of furniture and accessories are what catch your eye the most? Being able to dress up your space with classic décor can make your apartment feel warm and welcoming. Some may think the traditional look is a tad bit ‘outdated,’ but contrary to belief, classic pieces will add a timeless feel to any room in your apartment. Here are a few pointers on how to achieve the look:


The most noticeable feature of any room is the furniture. In order to achieve the traditional look, turn ‘outdated’ furniture into a new piece of décor for your space. Repurpose traditional couches, such as the Chesterfield, Colonial camel back, Lawson or tuxedo, which stand out because of their rounded arms, curved and high backs, as well as wooden legs. The cushions can be changed for comfort, but the couch itself should be relatively similar to its original structure, making sure not to take away from its traditional look. Additionally, style your sofas with personalized wooden end tables and lamps to add that extra traditional touch.

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Adding pillows with subtle print to your living room or bedroom space will bring out those classic features. Traditional pillow prints, including floral, stripe, and damask patterns, will make your space feel lively and classic in all the right ways. Adding just a few will do the trick. Along with throw pillows, window treatments are a must. There are several different types of treatments to use depending on how drastic you would like your room to feel. The traditional look calls for high mounted drapes, tassels, and fringe. To create a more refined look, use sheer curtains or faux wood blinds.


Make a statement with your wall décor. Traditional pieces, such as oil paintings and lavishly framed mirrors can make any space come to life. The classy look of brushed nickel and brass frames are essential. You can even finish off your traditional look with a classic looking wall decal, which is simple, easy, and non-permanent.

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