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We have previously looked at the several homes from Netflix original TV series. The variety of rentals included urban apartments, suburban single-family houses and massive estates of Colombian drug lords.

Now, let’s take a look at our favorite trailer park residents — the Trailer Park Boys. According to our research and cost analysis (along with endless binge watching), we have determined that it would cost about $463 per month to live alongside your favorite Trailer Park Boys characters in the fictional Sunnyvale Trailer Park.

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In Sunnyvale Trailer Park, the rental payment on the mobile home is $180, and the lot fee is $200. Utilities would cost about $83 for electricity, gas and water. Set near Halifax, Nova Scotia in Dartmouth, the park is in disrepair due to Mr. Lahey’s and Randy’s drunkenness and distraction.

The filming locations for the trailer park have changed each season. In Season 1, the trailer park was filmed at Beaver Bank, Nova Scotia. Then in Season 2, they filmed at 318 Windmill Rd. in the town of Dartmouth. Season 3 was shot at 1748 St. Margarets Bay Rd. in Timberlea, and Season 4 was filmed at Greenridge Mobile Home Park at 32 Pine St., Eastern Passage. Filming for Season 5 was at 255 Bissett Rd. in Cole Harbour.

Outside of the Sunnyvale universe, the average sale price for a new manufactured single wide is $45,600 ($58,531 CAN). To buy a new manufactured double wide would cost $86,700 ($111,286 CAN). Comparatively, a single family home costs on average $276,284 ($354,630 CAN) just for the structure without any land.

Trailer Park Boys Costs

Mr. Lahey: His trailer is included as part of his compensation for his job as the Sunnyvale Supervisor. In addition, he receives a $1375/mo salary. Comparatively, the average mobile home park manager salary is $1,726/mo.

Julian: To purchase a used one-bedroom double wide trailer would cost about $30,000. Or as a rental, it would be about $642/mo including lot fees and utilities.

J-Roc’s Mom: For a used double wide trailer that has two bedrooms, the purchase price would be about $38,000. As a rental, it would be about $731/mo including lot fees and utilities. However, J-Roc gets to live there for free because he doesn’t pay rent.

Ricky: The value of a 1975 Chrysler New Yorker is $3,000. In Season 4, Ricky’s salary was $1,333/mo. For the $60 in rent that Ricky pays, he could buy 10 boxes of chicken fingers.

Bubbles: On average, a shed costs $600. When Bubbles was the Assistant Trailer Park Supervisor in Season 4, his salary was $383/mo.

Ray: He lives in infrastructure he already owns, including a 10-year-old Used Sleeper Truck, valued at $35,000, and a military tent, valued at $1,329. As to monthly costs, he has the cheapest rental of all and pays no lot fees because he lives at the dump. He gets his power from the trailer next door, and he has free cable.

Small 50-Room Motel: The average cost for a small motel as seen in Season 11 is about $324,000.

Phil Collins’ “The Dirty Burger” food truck: The average cost to rent a food truck is $2,000/mo, but the cost to rent the camper from Sam Losco is $185/mo.

Swayze Express strongest model train in the world: The cost would be about $250,000.

Keeping the boys in prison: Per inmate, it would cost about $312 each day. So to put it in context, that would be $9,497/mo to live in prison or $642/mo for Julian’s rent.

Cost of One of the Biggest Trailer Parks in the U.S.

In Sun Valley, Nevada (near Reno), 20,000 residents mostly live in mobile homes. The median rent is $957, and the median housing value is $99,700. In total, the trailer park is probably valued at about $283 million.

Cost of the Entire Sunnyvale Trailer Park

To calculate the cost of the mobile home park from Trailer Park Boys, we began by looking at the number of lots. With two supervisors (Jim and Randy), and an average of 80 lots per FT trailer park supervisor, Sunnyvale would have about 160 lots.

Next we multiply 160 by an estimated occupancy rate of 85%. Then we multiplied this by the $200 monthly lot fee and a recommended valuation multiplier of 70.

This results in the total cost of Sunnyvale being $1.9 million.

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