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  • Start training your little guy early! Puppies are more likely to learn and adapt to training technique. But if you have an older dog doesn’t get discouraged! Persistence is key.
  • Use positive reinforcement. By keeping an encouraging tone both you and your furry friend will be more apt to enjoy the training process.
  • Be sure you follow-through with your commands. By reinforcing the command with an action, the dog is more likely to learn.
  • Keep your commands short and consistent. For example, use either “sit” or “down” to urge your pup to sit down.
  • Even if your dog is not listening to you, try to keep the same tone so your dog can more easily recommend the command.
  • Avoid disciplining your dog if there has been a significant amount of time after the incident. Your dog will not recognize what the discipline is referring to.

Lastly, have fun with it! You are dealing with man’s best friend after all!

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