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Smart assistants have taken over the world by storm and there are so many different brands that it’s easy to pick out one that’s in your budget and matches up with the devices you already have in your house.

In fact, plenty of people have a smart assistant on their phones, and can connect apps to different portions of their house to automate all sorts of things! If you’re looking to make your apartment even more efficient than it already is, you need to be able to use phone apps and smart assistants to the best of your apartment’s abilities. Here are some of the best ways that you can hook your home up to your internet web.

Light It Up

Smart assistants do an awful lot of things, and one of those things is that they can automate lighting and other ceiling fixtures. With a smart assistant, you can turn lights on and off, control the lighting of different rooms in your house, and even add a color filter or dim the lights! A lot of the time you can also achieve this effect with an app on your phone, making use of the smart assistant that most phones come with these days.

Keep Your Place Safe

One of the best things about having a smart assistant in your home is that if no one else is at the apartment, you can still be sure it’s secure. Many security systems now come with an option to connect your smart assistant, usually through an app, and they may have smart technology built in as well. For example, certain smart security systems have facial recognition software that can tell when someone you haven’t previously entered into the system is coming up to your house.

Adjust The Temperature

Plenty of thermostats nowadays are able to connect to an app, and you can control it without even having to get up. Most smart thermostats even come with extra features that normal thermostats don’t, such as the ability to automatically switch to a different temperature at different times of day. With a smart thermostat, you can keep your air conditioning off while you’re out of the house, keeping down electricity costs, and then turn it on half an hour before you get home and still have a house at the best temperature for you!

Monitor Food

The refrigerator is another thing that can be made smart easily, and many people have decided to get one. With a smart refrigerator, you can not only control how cold each portion of the fridge gets, but a lot of the time, it will provide you with a live feed, so you can see exactly what you still have and what you need to get. This can help make sure you get the right groceries at the store, so you can make sure you’re not getting things you don’t need.

Assist Your Baking

Smart ovens are another thing that have recently come into the mainstream, and those that cook and bake frequently swear by them. With a smart oven, you can usually keep an eye on your food, as well as turn the temperature up or down when you need to. If you’re a big baker, it can be nice not having to get up and turn down the temperature when you’re getting ready to finish up a dish.

Play Music

If you have a few Bluetooth speakers placed strategically around your apartment, you can tell your smart assistant to play music, and then hear it from all around your home! You can even play music during things that you usually can’t, even if they’re boring —listen to music while making dinner, or even while taking a shower, if you want. Spruce up your day-to-day activities; some smart assistants will allow you to connect to a streaming service, so you can stream nearly anything your heart desires.

Just by changing out a few appliances, you can improve your home life significantly, with smart appliances from refrigerators to ceiling fans. However, that does require actually changing out those appliances, or at the very least, adding a few here and there. If your current landlord doesn’t allow those kinds of changes, you may be looking for a new place to live.

That’s why you should use ForRent.com to find the apartment you’re looking for, no matter where it is and what you need. Their filters allow you to narrow down your search by all kinds of factors, including price point and property type, so you can find the exact space you want. After you get an apartment, you can even check out their apartment living blog, which has all kinds of tips and tricks that you can use to customize your space after you’ve added some smart fixtures.

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