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What is Geocaching? It is the latest craze in outdoor adventures. Geocaching, (pronounced geo-cashing), can be done at anytime, anywhere, and for whatever reason! A geocache is a box or tube of sorts that has a logbook of people who have found it before, and sometimes things people have left behind, such as little trinkets or mementos.


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Geocaching is where you and your friends or family search geocaches from an online site (such as GeoCaching or Open Caching). Geocaches are located all over the world, so no matter where you are there will most likely be some nearby. The site will provide the coordinates for the geocache, which you and your friends then go hunt down.


To go geocaching, you will need a GPS location device. Having a GPS will allow you to locate yourselves in accordance to the cache.


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For beginners, sites will usually tag easy geocaches using a certain color or code. Start with easy ones, and move up to harder caches. There are varying levels, and even caches that contain two or more locations, with the last leading you to the actual container.


Geocaching is an exciting idea for your Valentine’s Day. The whole family can be included, and many geocaches are located in parks, some of which might be animal friendly. Geocaching is inexpensive, interactive, and can even be romantic. Try this new activity and explore your world!


Photos from vastateparkstaff and vizzzual.com

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