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“What do you do for protein?”

“I would be a vegetarian if it wasn’t for Wendy’s Junior Bacon Cheeseburgers.”

“What can you eat? Salad?”

“Do you miss chicken?”

**Whilst reading a menu** “Oh look, they have (insert vegetarian option) here.”

As a long time vegetarian, I have heard all of these questions, statements and more, by the boatload! I especially love when people find vegetarian options for me on the menu! It’s like my own personal Ctrl F. I’m happy to answer the protein questions because I honestly think people want to know; especially during big holidays. Since Thanksgiving is right around the corner, I have compiled a list of beautiful recipes I wouldn’t mind seeing on the dinner table this holiday season.

Salads are plentiful in the land of vegetarian-dom but this one is so… pretty. It has spinach, persimmon (I had to Google this) and pomegranate seeds. I snagged this recipe from YumSugar. I initially thought the persimmon were peaches; I’m sure that would also be an amazing addition.

Cranberry sauce is the more commerical version but this Cranberry Orange Relish with Mint from Bon Appetit looks phenomenal.


When I lived in NYC, one of my favorite spots was Candle 79, so it’s no surprise their Saffron Ravioli with Wild Mushrooms and Cashew Cheese made this list. Lucky for you they share their recipe here. Unlucky for you, you’re on your own regarding the loan you’ll need to purchase saffron.

Holy mother of yum. This Barley Casserole from Celebrations.com looks so delicious and hearty, I feel warm and snuggly just looking at it. Bring on the footy pajamas.

Pasta. Casserole. Two of my favorite words and when they’re married in this little recipe from The Kitchn, it’s the epitome of carbohydrate-happiness.

This Stuffed Peppers recipe from Taste of Home is super simple. The hardest part for me was to get the pepper to stand up. Learn from my mistake; buy wider peppers.

Green beans are typically made with ham for a hearty feel but are awesome when paired with pecans. Almonds would probably work well with this The Tomato Tart recipe too.

This sweet potato casserole from Inspired Bites is beautiful  and delicious. Most marshmellow brands tend to have gelatin but there are a few awesome vegan alternatives out there. I really like Dandies Vegan Marshmellows.


There are a ton of yummy vegetarian recipes out there… what are some of your faves? I would love to hear them!


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