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When was the last time you visited one of America’s national parks? Did your parents drag you along on a family vacation to Yellowstone or the Grand Canyon when you were in grade school? I would be willing to bet that the wonder of our national parks was lost on you then, or that it has been forgotten over the years since.

6 Reasons to Visit A National Park
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America’s national parks really are a treasure, but they are an undervalued treasure. There are many good reasons to visit a national park, so what are you waiting for?

They are Breathtaking

This is the no-brainer reason for visiting a national park. They are astonishingly beautiful. The diversity of natural beauty ranges from the mountains of Rocky Mountain National Park to the coral reefs of Biscayne National Park. Each region of the United States is uniquely lovely, and the National Parks Service maintains pristine examples of this beauty in their parks.

Niagara Falls New York
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They are Educational

When you visit a national park you not only explore the beautiful landscapes of our country, but you learn about our history and natural resources as well. The parks preserve areas of our country that are of natural, cultural, and historical significance so that Americans can learn more about what makes our country great.

There’s One Closer Than You Think

There are more than 400 parks available to anyone, every day of the year. While not every state has a true national park, the National Park Service oversees parks in every state. Some of them are classified as national lakeshores, national historic sites, national monuments and more. You can use this handy map to find a National Park Service park near you.

Badlands South Dakota
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They Aren’t as Expensive as You Think

Of the over 400 parks, only 117 of them cost money to visit. That means nearly 300 American national parks are completely free, every day. The 117 other parks range in price from $3 to $30 on a typical day. The National Park Service does offer several free park days throughout the year. These are the free days left in 2017 :

August 25: National Park Service Birthday
September 30: National Public Lands Day
November 11-12: Veterans Day Weekend

In addition to these free days, the parks a variety of discounted passes for seniors, military, and those with permanent disabilities. The Every Kid in a Park initiative seeks to get all 4th graders and their families to experience the places that are home to our country’s natural treasures, rich history, and vibrant culture. Every fourth grader in the United States (including home-schooled and free-choice learners) are eligible for a free annual pass that will get them into any national park from the start of the fourth grade until the end of summer the following year.



They are Exciting

From white water rafting to scuba diving, America’s national parks are prime locations for adrenaline junkies. You can camp in Denali, explore Glacier on horseback, and climb a waterfall of ice in Michigan’s Pictured Rocks park.

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They Need Our Support

Our national parks are underfunded. The government has designated less and less money toward the budgets of these beautiful parks, so they rely more and more on visitors to keep them afloat. Show your support for “America’s Best Idea” and visit a national park this year!


If hiking is your thing, check out these top hiking destinations right outside some of the biggest cities in the US.

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