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According to USA Today, the number of renters are increasing. With the housing market and interest rates not the greatest, apartment rental prices are projected to rise about 4% this year and next!! Four percent! Don’t have an extra 4% in your budget……….get a roommate!


I fortunately have a permanent roommate….he’s called a boyfriend. But if you are apartment hunting and noticing the rental prices are higher than you’d like, find a roommate in your area. This person will benefit you in more ways than just sharing the financial responsibilities of an apartment. Not only will they help you with the rent, utilities and perhaps food costs, they will also give you companionship and an added sense of security. You may meet someone who will become a lifelong friend, plus you won’t have to dread being in an empty apartment. But the best part about living with a roommate is that you have the ability to save some extra money!!


So if you think this option is a practical solution for you, check out ForRent.com’s Find a Roommate section. You’ll be connected with potential roommates available in over a thousand cities nationwide!


Happy Apartment Hunting!



P.S. If you have any positive roommate stories to share, please do so!


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