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With the current economic state many renters are looking for apartments that are ‘cheap‘. While the perceived monetary gain may be tempting, it’s important to also look at the safety factors before signing a lease.You should first examine the neighborhood. You have every right to seek out information on whether or not there have been criminal activities. This includes asking the property manager or looking to local authorities. While also examining the neighborhood, you should make sure you visit the property multiples times. Plan on once during the day and at least once during the night. This will help you see how well light the area is and you’ll get a better sense of how safe you will feel when you return home from work each day.

Next, you should check the windows and doors. When you go to a model unit, chances are it’s going to be a better looking home. But check around the community when you visit. Do they tend to be in good shape? You need to also explore the locking mechanisms on the doors and windows. They should always ask when you move in, if the locks have been be changed from the previous owners. Always better to be cautious!

I would also recommend looking at the smoke detector.  This is the most valuable protection you can have-it will save your life! When you choose an apartment, be sure to check where it is located and when the batteries were replaced. Keep a schedule so you know when to change them out again.

Most apartment communities offer, as a paid service, the capability of a security system. They are a great way to protect your apartment. It scares away burglars because it increases the potential and fear of being captured and arrested by the police. But an alarm also does that without anybody getting hurt.

Lastly, protect your belongings by getting renter’s insurance! You can get quotes online by visiting the relocation page on ForRent.com.

Your apartment should be a sanctuary for you and your family, so make sure it’s a safe one.  Take these tips with you when you’re searching for apartments for rent, they’ll really be a lifesaver!

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    This blog talks about ways to keep your apartment safe but this information could also be used to lower your renters insurance premiums.

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