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If you have some room to garden, you’ll need to think about what types of plants you want to have and how much time you are willing to spend on the area. Here are some gardening tips for your apartment yard:

  • Flowers. If you choose to go with flowers, have a plan. Are you looking for pretty ones to cut and put in a vase or would you prefer they decorate the yard area? What colors do you like? Do you prefer to tend to them a lot or just let them bloom and fill the air with fragrance? Knowing these things ahead of time will help you do a little research. Either take a look on the Internet or ask at the garden center, but keep your criteria in mind.
  • Vegetables. It can be fun to grow vegetables in a garden and then use them in your food. Choose a few favorites that would do well in your soil/sun conditions and make sure you know how to deter any pests that may spoil your goodies. Again, a bit of advance research will set you on the right course.
  • Decorative plants. Grasses and other decorative plants can be a great addition to any yard. Many require little maintenance, so they can be a super choice for those who like to garden but don’t have much time.
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  1. Don’t forget there are many places to live that will allow you to plant a garden/tree on the property.
    Have a scetch of what an where you are planning to grow.

    BUT you must ask and get it into writing. That way if any issues come up you will have proof it was approved an by whom. Sign a copy also they will put it into your file.

    NOTE: Put a low fence up it will mark your work. By doing this it a nice way to say, “STAY OUT”. An may ever stop same pest too.
    Enjoy you garden, it WILL make you smile!!!

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