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Living in an apartment doesn’t mean you can’t go green. There are many little things you can do that will result in energy savings and support the environment. Here are a few green living tips to get started if you aren’t doing them already…

Starter Tips for Green Living In Your Household:

  • Recycle. Find out what your apartment building’s recycling program is and make sure that you have a container. Donate gently used items rather than throwing them away. Check with the village or town hall and find out how to dispose of items such as batteries, paint and cell phones in your area.
  • Ride a bicycle. Saving gas, reducing emissions and getting a little exercise is all positives. If biking isn’t practical or it is too cold out, see if you can start a carpool to work, take the bus or ride the train.
  • Reduce junk mail by using the Direct Marketing Association’s consumer section on the Internet to take yourself off of mailing lists.
  • Bring a canvas or cloth bag to the grocery store instead of using their bags.

Employing simple tips like the ones above can help make your daily footprint a lighter one. It just takes a few minutes to begin doing things that will make your apartment into more of a green living household.

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