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You generally don’t find many apartments with a garden, but if you are lucky enough to be one of the few who finds themselves in this situation, you’ll want to take full advantage. There are some great small yard gardening tips out there. Here are some basics:

  • Make sure to spend a little time planning out your space. It is one of the key elements in good gardening and can help you make sure you are doing all that you can with your area. Some people like to sketch things out before they begin buying or planting. It can be quite helpful.
  • Don’t forget to pay attention to areas that are shaded and ones that get full sun. That will help you decide which plants to choose, and where to put them. Vegetables and herbs will need a lot of sun, whereas other plants may do well in partial to full shade. Check tags, or ask at the garden store if you are unsure.
  • Allow for some space between plants, so that they have room to grow in fully, or consider using containers for a small garden. It can make the space look pretty, and you can employ shelving or hanging baskets to include more plants. Mix and match containers for an eclectic feel.
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