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The kitchen in your apartment is a place that can really benefit from a green mindset. Here you’ll find several appliances that can be big energy drains. There are some ways around this if you know a few easy tricks that can result in significant appliance energy savings.

Dishwashers often have an "energy saver" cycle that can be used, and you can either open the door to let dishes dry or use the no-heat setting if your machine has one. Also, wait to run it until a full load is in there so you don’t waste resources.

Even in an apartment refrigerator energy savings can add up. Avoid leaving the door open longer than necessary and make sure the coils on the back stay clean. You’ll also want to keep the appliance out of the sunlight and away from the oven or dishwasher if possible. Just these minor adjustments can make a difference.

Other kitchen-related tips include unplugging minor appliances such as coffeemakers and can openers when not in use and using cloth towels in place of paper towels whenever possible to wipe up. Buying recycled napkins and using glass containers instead of plastic

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