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Natural gas energy savings aren’t only available to those who own a home. Knowing a few things about how to reduce this energy expense can be a benefit to anyone renting an apartment as well. Here are some terrific tips that are pretty easy to employ:

  • Lower the thermostat setting when you are home and put on a sweater. It may not seem like a significant savings, but each degree adds somewhere between four and five percent more to the heating bill. If you pay heat, you’ll be happy with the savings!
  • Lower the setting when you will be at work or out of town. Don’t go lower than 55 degrees, since pipes may freeze. Also keep in mind that you may not be able to lower it too much if you have pets.
  • Make sure warm air can get out and circulate. Don’t put heavy furniture or other items in front of heat registers or radiators.
  • Open the curtains and use the energy from natural sunlight to help keep your apartment warm.
  • Ask your landlord to repair leaky hot water faucets.
  • If you have a gas-powered clothes dryer on site, make sure to do full loads and clean out the lint trap each time.
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