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It sure looked okay before, but now you’re not so sure. That sofa you’ve had since college doesn’t seem fit in the living room of your new apartment, no matter how many times you turn it around. Or, worse yet, what if you cannot get the sofa through the door? While now you realize that you probably should have measured all areas of your new place before the move, it’s a little too late now. The movers have dropped everything off and you’re struggling to get everything to its proper location. Here are some tips on how to get your favorite pieces through the door of your new apartment when all hope seems to be lost.

Exhaust every angle:

Before even thinking about disassembling your furniture or removing railings, REALLY try to get it through the door first. Attempt different angles by slowing moving the furniture around the door frame. Try squeezing in the softer materials or see if removing any cushions help. Just be sure that there’s no possible way it’s getting in the door before resolving to something else.

Partially disassemble furniture:

See if there is a way to unscrew any protruding parts, like the legs of the sofa, for some extra room. This can usually be done pretty easily by unscrewing or pulling them out. Try to avoid any further disassembly because putting it back together may have to be done professionally. Give the furniture company a call before trying to do this one your own.

Remove obstacles:

If you need just a bit of space, take the door off its hinges to get at least an extra half inch. You’ll be able to efficiently get out the small nails and put it back together yourself. You can also remove parts of your railing if you really need to. Just make sure that you have you have the proper tools to do so. Check out this list of tools that every apartment dweller should own to get some ideas.

Try different entry points:

So the couch isn’t fitting through the door, now look for alternative ways to move it inside. Live in a first floor unit? Try a window. Unique problems call for unique solutions. You can also attempt hoisting it up through a balcony. But try to avoid situations like sharp turns in a hallway, narrow corridors, or steep staircases. You don’t want to get hurt trying to move an oversized piece of furniture into your new abode.

If all else fails call the experts:

At the of the day, is it really worth injuring yourself moving your furniture? If you’re really in a rut, call a professional moving company for advice. Let relocation experts handle the situation and get them to help you out. Whether that’s via a phone call or them physically coming to your apartment, sometimes it’s better to just let the professionals do their job.

Obviously, you can avoid this situation altogether by taking some time to get the measurements of your new space and comparing them to your new or old furniture. Take some time to plan your apartment space, so you won’t run into any major furniture related problems. Add to your list of things to do to make your move that much smoother and spend more time enjoying your new place. But sometimes even when we think we got it all figured out, we can run into some unexpected problems —so be prepared for anything!

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  1. John Donovan says:
    Furnishing your apartment can be tricky, especially if some of your furniture pieces won’t fit. Before getting rid of these pieces, however, you can try getting creative. For example, if you have a piece that won’t fit through the door, try disassembling it first and then put it back together in the room it’s going in.

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