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While most of us can’t imagine a life without a shower caddy, catchall, or coffee maker, these things aren’t always considered a necessity for guys. So while your boyfriend might think his new apartment setup is fine, you might be cringing at the fact that his mattress is still on the floor. You can help your guy out with a little advice on what he actually needs in his apartment.

Proper Dinnerware

Even if he’s usually cooking for one or avoids cooking in general, he should still have a set of plates for guests. This goes for glassware too, using the same plastic cups from college isn’t cute anymore.

Wall Decor

Walls should never be bare, hanging a few pieces up is what makes your house a home. However, this does not give him permission to hang up the old posters from his dorm.

Proper Bedding

If a man does anything on this list, it has to be this one. Clean, mature sheets are a must —yes, that means no sports teams or superheros. Proper blankets, a comforter and extra pillows are a plus.


If he doesn’t already have one of these, where is he charging his phone? Everyone needs a place to put their reading glasses, water bottle and personal items, before bed.

Shoe Organizer

While he might be proud of his shoe collection, there shouldn’t be sneakers and boots all over the floor or piled up in a closet. A shoe rack or over the door organizer will keep his kicks from becoming clutter.

Extra Towels

He should already have one of these for when he (hopefully) washes his usual towel, but we can’t stress the importance of a full towel set, especially for drying hands!


Nothing says adult like upgrading from standard blinds to classy curtains.

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