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Having a hard time deciding what kind of pet is best for your living situation?  Here are some pros and cons of pets to help you decide what fits you!


The Dog:

Good:  Energetic, loving, playful, attention-loving and will give you more attention than any other pet.

Bad:  A lot of time and effort goes into raising and training a dog.  They need your constant attention.  They bark and can stir up allergies in some people.

They need a lot of space and attention, but could be great for you if you love the energetic lifestyle!

The Cat:

Good:  Good lap pets.  They will keep you company when you’re just lounging around.  Can be very playful and entertaining.  They make pleasant purring sounds when they are happy.

Bad:  Usually not as loyal and attentive as dogs.  Tend to do their own thing, don’t come when they’re called and aren’t really “trainable.”  Some people can be allergic as well.

They are low maintenance friends, but they won’t be so eager to give you all their love and devotion.  May be the perfect pet for you if you need something less needy and still cuddly.

The Bird:

Good:  Beautiful creatures, usually pleasant songs and they sleep at night.  They are also pretty easy to care for.

Bad:  Not as fun to play with, can’t really pet them and they can make extra mess with their seed.

This may be the perfect pet for you if you want a low maintenance friend to look at.

The Rodent:

Good:  Playful, cute, friendly and cuddly, but don’t need a lot of space or intense amount of care.

Bad:  Small, so they aren’t as fun to play with as a dog or a cat.  They can sometimes smell, and they typically sleep during the day and are active at night.

Perfect for the owner who wants a small cuddly friend without the effort of a larger pet.

The Fish:

Good:  Beautiful and majestic to look at.  They take up little space and are easy to care for.  And they are the perfect fit in an apartment that has little room.

Bad:  Well, it is just a fish.  You can’t play with it, you can’t hold it and if you tap at them, they will swim away.  Plus they don’t live too long.

Great low-maintenance pet, and perfect for owners living in small spaces.  Inexpensive and fun to watch!

The Rock:

Good:  No work involved, no paperwork to sign, no purchase to be made and no permission to be asked.  Also, can make a great paperweight.

Bad:  It just sits there…

Free and easy pet.  Kind of pathetic, but if you’re on a budget this may work for you.  Just paint some eyes or give it some hair or something to make yourself feel a little better.

Photos: m.a.g3, rossbelmont, Nature Visions, epSos.de, Dal, and Jenn and Tony Bot on flickr.com

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