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     I know all of us dog lovers are wondering why our dogs feel the need to bark at every passing squirrel or why they howl when they hear certain sounds.  My old dog used to howl at every ambulance and I was always curious as to why he did it every time, considering he had heard the noise before.  Well the answers are revealed.  There’s meaning behind all of their actions, just like humans.

The Bark– Barking is used to convey pretty much every emotion, which is probably why they bark at everything. =)  Usually, it is because they see something unfamiliar, like another animal, or are unsure of their feelings.  For instance, if they want to play, but you’re not playing with them or paying them enough attention, they’ll bark to be noticed.  My dog will stand in front of you, barking, until you pet him and don’t think about removing your hand until he’s ready. Ha-ha.

Howling at the Moon– I wish I could give my dog a hug now, since he was howling at the ambulances because he was lonely. =(  Dogs will howl when they have a sense of loneliness or are trying to bring everyone together.  He must have known it was an emergency.

The Growl– We all know that they growl to intimidate or defend, but it’s when they do it while playing that it can be confusing.  If only they could use their words!  When they start growling while you’re playing with them, you can tell if it’s serious by their body position and the stance that they hold.  If it’s when you’re scratching them, you’re probably just hitting that hard to reach spot right on. =)

Whimpering– A whimper or yelp is completely nonthreatening.  It can be to get that piece of bread in your hand or because you accidentally stepped on their paw!

Look into my Eyes– If their eyes are wide open, they are alert, but as I’m sure we’ve all experienced, when they refuse to make eye contact, it’s probably because they had your shoes for lunch that day (I’m still a little bitter, but you can’t be mad at those cute eyes).

Tail Wagging– Similar to barking, the position of their tail can tell you a lot.  The lower the tail, the more relaxed, but as their interest increases, so does their tail.  If their tail is really high, almost arched over their back, beware.  This usually means they are aggressive and an attack may be soon to come.

Hopefully now you know a little more about what your dog is trying to tell you. =)

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  1. Many dog owners, unfortunately, don’t try to understand the reasons behind their dog’s barking. As a result, the problem just continues to worsen when it is actually easy to solve. Thanks for addressing this important issue.

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