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As renters we sometimes hesitate to invest in décor that we think might not be able to go with us when we move.  And one of the aspects of décor that renters seem to neglect the most is window treatments. So today I wanted to share a few ideas for window treatments that are easy, inexpensive, and most importantly, easily moved to another residence.

Window Treatment for Renters - Drapes
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When people think of drapes, they often think of expensive, custom window treatments.  And although custom drapes can certainly be expensive, store-bought drapes are fairly inexpensive.  Best of all, they can easily move with you from place to place.   Buying long drapes is a good idea.  If they are too long, you can shorten them by “hemming” them with tape which will allow them to be used again regardless of the ceiling height in your new space.

Window Treatment for Renters - Faux Roman Shade
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Another window treatment that is typically considered to be custom is the roman shade.  But you can easily create a faux roman shade.  This project is very simple and definitely gives windows a custom look.  Simply take a thin piece of wood slightly wider than the window you want to cover, and a rectangular piece of fabric hemmed to the same width as the wood and finished on the top and bottom.   To create the look, just roll the fabric up.  Here’s where you can customize the look even further.  You can hold the rolled up fabric with strips of the same fabric, ribbon, contrasting fabric, even belts.  Whatever your heart desires.

Window Treatment for Renters - window treatments
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Just because you are a renter doesn’t mean that you need to be afraid of window treatments.  Make your space your own by giving your windows an inexpensive facelift using these easy ideas!

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