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Wine storage includes a range of options from decorative displays to efficient space savers to lavish custom cabinets. Which storage hack is the best way to store bottles in your apartment?

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Collapsible Wine Storage

A great space-saving technique is to use a collapsible wine storage rack.

When you want to keep your bottles of wine within easy reach, set up this folding wooden wine rack, and when you want to use your counter space for something else (like making a Friendsgiving dinner with your Instant Pot) the collapsible wine rack can fold up and be tucked in a cabinet.

Not only are collapsible storage racks a space-saving hack, but they’re affordable too. Target sells a bamboo folding wine rack for $25, and this metal folding wine rack costs just $13.

Wine Storage Showpiece

Another wine storage hack that’s great for small spaces is to integrate your wine storage into your living room space. By building a creative display of bottles, books, and photos, you’ll add visual interest to your living space while also getting a creative wine storage solution. Not only can it be a way to efficiently stacking bottles of YellowTail, but you can also display some high-end bottles that you’ve started to collect.

Do you like to incorporate your travels into your home décor? To remember a recent trip to Italy, for example, you can combine some Italian wine bottles with beautiful labels next to some framed artwork and Italian pottery pieces.

Wine Storage Space Savers

For those living in studio apartments or other spaces with minimal counter space, you may need to get creative with your wine storage. How about hanging a wine rack from your ceiling? Not only does this give you a beautiful display of your favorite bottles, but thinking vertically about storage is a great way to use dead air space.

We like this Climbing Tendril Hanging Bottle Rack from Wayfair that costs $37. When hanging your wine rack from the ceiling, be sure that you secure it well enough to hold the weight of the wine bottles. Nobody wants broken wine bottles.

Vineyard Aesthetics

Wine crates are an efficient way to store bottles of wine. Not only do they bring that rustic vineyard look to your home décor, but the crates can be stacked on their sides for makeshift end tables. Or when your tastes change, they can be stacked in your closet. It’s a win-win.

We know how charming weathered wood can be, so to get that look, try repurposing vintage wooden crates or building your own DIY storage from wooden pallets. There are also plenty of wooden crates available for sale that are an easy way to get that vineyard look. These pine crates from Ikea cost just $10 each.

Wish You Had a Cellar?

While some people dream of a walk-in closet for their wardrobe, we dream of having our own miniature wine cellar.

Does your apartment have an extra closet? Or maybe you never use the second bedroom in your two-bedroom apartment? Consider ways that you can retrofit the space to make your own pseudo wine cellar.

There are some wine-cellar rack kits that you can purchase to outfit your new wine storage space, but if you plan to do any major construction for a custom wine closet, you should run your plans by your property manager to make sure that you don’t violate your lease agreement.

Stackable and Transportable Wine Storage

If you have summertime plans for picnics and potlucks, it’s helpful to have wine storage that doubles as a wine carrying case. We like these plastic wine crates from STORViNO that have built-in handles, making it easy if you’re often carrying multiple bottles.

With so many varieties of rosé to try, these crates are a great way to bring your favorite selection to your next gathering. While bringing a case of wine can seem excessive, having more than you need makes sure that the good times don’t have to end when the vino stops flowing.

For Long-Term Wine Storage

If you’re thinking big-picture with your wine storage, be sure to take precautions with your storage method so that you preserve the quality of your wine.

For long-term wine storage, keep the bottles cool and dark. A small wine fridge is ideal, or store your bottles on a high shelf in a dark closet. Be sure to lay the bottles on their sides so that the wine is in contact with the cork. This is important because if the cork dries out, the bottle’s seal is lost, which effectively means that the bottle is opened.

Keep in mind that these long-term storage rules don’t apply for storage that can be measured in weeks or months. One wine aficionado shared that she has two wine bottles that she keeps in long-term storage. She purchased them both for her newborn daughter. One of the bottles is for her daughter to open on her 21st birthday, and the other bottle is for her daughter to open on her wedding day. Now that’s planning ahead!

Efficient Wine Storage Hack

When space in your apartment is at a premium, try a pegboard style wine rack to use your available space efficiently. With nothing more than a series of dowels attached to a board, your wine bottles can stay neat and organized without much fuss.

As a bonus, this wine storage solution can be as big as you need, or as small as the space you have available. So if you plan to try all of these “must have” summer rosé wines that cost under $20, you’ll have an efficient way to store the bottles.

Wall of Wine

Some people hang pictures on the walls. We hang wine.

This Tack Storage Wine Rack from Anthropologie nicely combines metal and wood to make your wine storage into a decorative kitchen accessory.

And if you’d prefer a DIY approach, this collection of wine storage tutorials includes a way to repurpose old fencing posts into a custom wall piece for wine storage.

Secret Stash

This Under Cabinet Wine Rack keeps your wine collection tucked out of sight. Not only is it a great space saver, but it can also be helpful to have a backup wine supply. So if you’re hosting a dinner party in your apartment and you’re about to run out of wine, don’t worry — you had a few more bottles tucked away under the counter.

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