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It’s just about that time of the year for ear muffs and mittens! The frigid season is quickly approaching, and it is important for you to prep your apartment for the cold winter months. Follow these six tips to make sure you are fully prepared for the snow flurries and brutal blizzards, before they arrive.

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One of the most important precautions to take before the winter months is to test your heating system before it gets too cold. Don’t wait until the temperature drops and you find out your heating unit does not work properly. When you first turn on your heat, you may smell a burnt scent, but have no worries-that smell is just the heat kicking in from not being used for the past few months.

Also, as the temperature outside drops, be sure not to completely turn your heat off while you are away from your apartment. Keeping the temperature between 60-75 degrees will prevent your HVAC from overworking and possibly breaking down.


Keep your apartment space dust-free by making sure your air filter is changed each month. Maintenance should have filters in the leasing office, so be sure to check with them about a monthly filter cleaning or replacement.


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A great way to keep the heat circulating in your apartment during the winter months is to reverse your ceiling fans. Remember, rotate them clockwise during the winter months and counter-clockwise during the summer months.


Make sure your doors and windows are sealed to prevent a cool draft from entering your space. This will help keep your apartment warm, as well as keep your electric or gas bill down.


When outside temperatures are below freezing, keep your faucets running at a slow drip to prevent your pipes from freezing. This is for extremely cold temperatures and during massive snow storms.


Most apartment communities clear the parking lots free of snow and toss sand and salt on the sidewalks; however, it is a great idea to keep a snow shovel and ice melt on deck. You never know if there will be a time that you need to clear your front steps or shovel a path from your front door to your car.

Being prepared for the cold winter months is important. You never want to be stuck in a situation where it is unbearably cold in your apartment, so take the necessary precautions now to make sure you are good to go before Mother Nature comes to visit with sleet and snow. What ways do you prepare your apartment for winter maintenance? Do you have any traditions for the winter? Share your thoughts and suggestions with us, and we would love to share them with our ForRent.com friends!

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  1. We also put the plastic weather sheets over the windows. Not all apartments are well put together or maintenanced well. We also have a wall air conditioner that even when closed up they have huge drafts and that means loss of heat. we also weatherize this by not only covering outside but we will put the window plastic on top, cover with a pretty burlap fabric and use a coordinating bow to decorate as a present for Christmas. We also live in the country apartment complex of 8 apartments. We placed the “door draft” insert under the door to keep the outside lobby air from coming in. And last cool mist vaporizers have been known to make it feel warmer while keeping your skin and hair from getting dried out by the heat. So to narrow this list down.
    1. weatherize the windows with plastic film, clean & plug any hole or gaps in the windows.
    2. weatherize a wall air conditioner….be creative
    3. take care of drafts under your front door with a foam insert that slides under it.
    4. us cool mist vaporizers to help it feel warm and keep your skin and hair from drying out from the dry furnace heat.
  2. Lesley Marshall says:
    It would be even more helpful if you offered how-to advice. What is the best way to prepare draft-free windows and doors?

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