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The bad roommate … we all know one. Maybe you’ve lived with one or maybe you know someone who has. But you know who will never be one? You! Here’s a list of the worst roommate traits and how you can avoid being the bad roommate.

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Roommates by the Numbers

  • 33% of American adults live in “roommate households” as of 2014. This number is up from 25.4% in 2000.
  • 50% of female college students and 40% of male college students report having frequent or occasional roommate conflict.
  • Roommate conflict is one of the top five reasons students drop out of college.

The Slacker

This roommate never, ever leaves the house. He doesn’t get the hint when you don’t want to hang out. He is also an aspiring DJ.

Don’t be a slacker: Just leave the apartment once in a while. It’s better for you and your roommate.

The Slob

This person cooks gigantic meals without doing the dishes afterward. She leaves her belongings strewn around common areas and always promises to clean it up tomorrow. But somehow, she just never does.

Don’t be a slob: It’s pretty easy: Just confine your mess to your room and always clean up shared spaces after you’ve used them.

The Parent

This particularly annoying roommate is very concerned about all the goings-on of your life. He’s constantly checking in on you. How’s school going? What happened with that girl you were seeing?

Fun fact: The Parent is the natural enemy of The Slob.

Don’t be a parent: Parents are great, but a roommate shouldn’t be a parent to you. Mind your own business and be respectful of your roommate’s personal space. If he or she wants to share information with you, it will voluntarily come out.

The Gamer

We all know this one. He plays cell phone games on full volume, constantly walks into doors because he’s looking at his phone and never, ever hears you when you ask him to please turn the sound down.

Don’t be a Gamer: Just put your phone on silent and look up from it once in a while. It’s that easy!

The Talker

The Talker always has an unbelievably long story to tell you. She doesn’t get the hint that you don’t want to talk right now, even when you start slowly backing out of the room and waving around a sign that says, “Please do not talk to me.”

Don’t be a talker: Take a hint. Sometimes your roommate is in the mood to have a conversation and sometimes not. Just read the room before you launch into your life story!

The Pet Person

This person has at least one pet (possibly many more) that has somehow become your problem. She gets complaints from the neighbors because of barking or meowing, and her pet is tearing up the furniture and scratching up the floors.

Don’t be a pet person: It’s important to have a discussion about pets with your roommate before moving in. Establish where in the apartment they’re allowed, what to do about neighbor complaints and who’s responsible if they scratch up the floors.

The Partier

Perhaps the most commonly loathed roommate, the partier comes home at 1 a.m. on a Tuesday with 10 friends in tow, plays loud music at all hours and, like the Slacker, is an aspiring DJ.

Don’t be a partier: Limit your partying to reasonable partying hours — no school nights unless you have express permission from your roommate. And always check with your roommate before bringing home rowdy groups of people.

The Food Bandit

This infuriating roommate eats all your food, then plays dumb when you ask about it. Even though the grocery store is around the corner, he can’t seem to figure out how to just buy his own food.

Don’t be a food bandit: Make it clear whose food is whose. You can each have a separate shelf in the refrigerator or pantry, or you can even label food with Post-its if need be.

The Bill Dodger

This person somehow manages to always forget when rent is due, despite the fact that it’s due on the same day each month. She promises to pay you back tomorrow but never does, making you feel like a bank.

Don’t be a bill dodger: Set reminders for when rent and bills are due so you don’t
leave your roommate hanging. It will eliminate resentment and make life better for everyone.

Okay, now you have no excuses, so get out there and be the best roommate around! You can also find out what kind of roommate you are on ForRent.com.


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  1. Gavin Angel says:
    Hi Amber and I think you did good with this Article.  I would hate to have a Roommate that would steal my Food.  I would hate to have a Roommate that has sex with other people while I am their Roommate.

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