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Now that the holidays have ended, it’s time to plan for the New Year. Starting anew with your goals and home décor seem like a great place to start! We’ve shared fantastic tips for exercising in your apartment in the New Year, now we’d like to share how to freshen up your apartment’s décor (you can see the 2012 Color Trends we reported on earlier this year).

In 2013, apartment dwellers will have plenty of opportunities to take hot décor trends and make them applicable for your space. Here are the top three we think will be especially beneficial for our readers:

Decorating with Emerald Green
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Emerald Green
Pantone has named emerald green the color of the year for 2013, and we couldn’t be happier. This color transitions well for cool and
warm color palettes. If you’re a little uncertain how to bring this color into your apartment, start small. A simple plant for your space should do the trick; as you warm up to the color, bring in other small touches like pillows or lamps. Or you can take stab at our next hot trend!

Painted Furniture-Decor Trend
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Painted Furniture
We find this trend especially beneficial for renters as it follows the ‘
going green’ movement, by extending the life of a current piece of furniture, and helps save costs. SCORE! You can locate furniture pieces to refinish at local thrift stores or garage sales. It’s amazing what you can do with a coat of spray paint, a little imagination and some elbow grease! Maybe an emerald green furniture piece is on the horizon? It serves dual purposes; hitting two of the top three décor trends.

Graphic Patterns-Decor Trend
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Graphic Patterns
Our friends at Homes.com shared the
2012 top pattern trends for home decor earlier this year, and even share tips for mixing and matching patterns in the home, but 2013 will present even more excitement as bold, graphic patterns are here to stay! Impactful in a small space, graphic patterns should be used in moderation unless you feel comfortable mixing and matching (did you read those tips?). We recommend starting with a rug or a framed piece of art and go from there. Incorporating the color of the year, is another way to bring in two of the top three décor trends for your apartment.


Now that we’ve shared a few trends, are your creative juices flowing? Tell us how you plan to incorporate these trends in your space! Oh, and feel free to browse the rest of the 2013 Home Décor Trends over on Homes.com.

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