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An Apartment Fit for a Girl Boss with Mr. Kate

ForRent.com & Mr. Kate Room Makeover

What did Mr. Kate and their team do when they hit 1 million subscribers? They gave away $10,000 to change someone’s life in partnership with ForRent.com.

Say “Hi” to Mr. Kate and Joey, who are the creative minds behind Mr. Kate. They like to inspire their creative weirdos to redefine normal and live life outside the box. In partnership with ForRent.com, Mr. Kate celebrated hitting 1M subscribers on their YouTube page by giving one lucky winner a $10,000 room makeover.

With over 40,000 entrants, Mr. Kate was challenged to narrow the pool down to just 10. But nobody fit the bill quite like aspiring Girl Boss, Jaset.

Jaset, a 21-year-old living in a managed apartment in Chandler, Arizona recently quit her job as a telemarketer to put her focus into pursuing her dream of running her own business as a lifestyle YouTuber, aka “Girl Boss.”

She currently lives with her friend in a two-bedroom apartment and sleeps on the couch or even on her floor after spending most of her money on supplies for her business. Mr. Kate and ForRent.com were inspired by Jaset’s story and wanted to validate her hard work by creating a beautiful and functional bedroom.

She needed a space where she could feel inspired, and could also be practical for her to work (and have a good night’s sleep). With no bed, no décor, and beige walls, Mr. Kate had a big task at hand to transform this space into a room fit for this Girl Boss.

Mr. Kate surprised Jaset at her apartment with every intention of making this day the best day of her life!

Mr. Kate helped teach Jaset that living in a managed apartment doesn’t mean you can’t make your bedroom your own. With a nice, new paint job, Mr. Kate replaced Jaset’s vertical blinds with 96” velvet curtains and installed a new, sleek, black multifunctional fan. She also hung minimalist wall décor with Commandstrip clips to prevent any wall damage. The final touch? Removeable wallpaper on the accent wall to bring it all together.

ForRent.com was so excited to give Jaset the room she needed to follow her dream of becoming an entrepreneur. Knowing that she lived in an apartment, ForRent.com was the perfect partner for transforming this room!

Mr. Kate and ForRent.com did not hold back giving Jaset what she needed to succeed in chasing her dreams in her new “Girl Boss” room. Want to see what she thinks? See Jaset’s reaction and the completed room here.

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