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ForRent.com offers many apartment search features to our customers.  We have virtual tours, streaming videos, color photos, maps and pricing.  But one feature that stands out and is truly great for apartment searchers is the interactive room planner.

Like so many apartment seekers, I too look at an apartment space and think ‘what would go there?’ or ‘which way would the couch face?’ It’s an integral part of being able to visualize making your apartment your new home.

If you visit the ForRent.com website and search apartments for rent in lets say Atlanta, Georgia, you will pull up results based off the criteria you entered in. Click on a property that interests you and an apartment profile page will appear that displays floor plans, property photos, property descriptions, directions and contact information. Under the floor plan section is an option called ROOM PLANNER.  By clicking on this tool you will be able to go room by room and layout your apartment based off the furniture and accessories that you already have or are planning to get. You can arrange your sofa, dinning room table, TV and speakers and even plan your bedroom!!  You also have the availability to rotate, send to back, refresh and delete furniture/accessory images. Once you’ve designed your room you can print it out. This tool is really helpful in making you see what amount of space you’ll need and hopefully make the apartment’s style feel more like your own.

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  1. Richard Hice says:
    The room planner use to work on my computer and then it quit and when I click on it it actually freezs my computer

    Any Suggestions?

    • Lea Erbskorn says:

      Hey Richard! Unfortunately, it appears that the Room Planner is no longer available on the ForRent.com website. However, there are regular floor plans and 3D floor plans that provide a visual on how you can decorate your new apartment 🙂 Go to any apartment listing and see what they have available in terms of visual layouts. Happy apartment hunting!

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