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Winter blues? A fresh new look is just what you need for an upbeat demeanor. We have the latest on the hottest color trends in 2010.

Decorated Orange Room
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Need a sunny outlook this winter? Well, you’re in luck. In 2010, yellow is the color for decorating. As we’ve mentioned in our previous blog Decorating with the Color Yellow, yellow embodies the brightness and warmth of the sun.  It’s a color that sparks imagination. And let’s not forget that it complements other favorites too – white, orange, green, pink, blue and brown.

Who wants to feel regal? I’m talking living the high life of luxury regal? Well, you do of course! Especially in this economy, anything that can give you a sense of royalty or elegance for your sanctuary (aka apartment) is a must-have color.  And I’ve been told that lavender is the hue of choice, particularly in the bedroom. Ooh-la-la!

As with any apartment, you can stick to using tan or white décor and throw in a vase or pillow to serve as an accent piece in the current color trend. NOTE: Our favorite blue – otherwise known as aqua – will be making a HUGE return in the summer – but only briefly – making aqua a good choice for an accent color. For all those men out there, don’t worry, this isn’t entirely about making your apartment look girly. Slate and charcoal grays are stylish for home decorating.  You can replace it for a neutral and accent with almost any color or you try a modern and contemporary look by doing a neutral – like black – and have gray pieces throughout.

Happy Decorating!

Source: www.decoratorsecrets.com


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  1. Michelle says:

    Yellow is funky and makes me feel kinda sick, the other colors listed that complement yellow are much better.

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