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One of the downsides to renting a place is the usual rules saying you can’t do anything permanent to change your environment to your liking. No painting, no improvements and no changes; unless you can take it right back off the walls when you leave. It can make it hard to feel like the place is truly home — but with a little creative thinking it’s possible.

One major area that’s easy to improve is the kitchen. It tends to be the center of the home, no matter where you might live, and small improvements can make you feel so much better about the space. You can swap the hardware out and decorate the space to make it appealing, but one favorite thing to do among DIYers is the backsplash.

It’s entirely possible to make a temporary backsplash that looks great and is fully removable when you leave.

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Ceiling Tiles and Glue Dots

This one may sound a little strange, but trust us on this! You can purchase cheap tin ceiling tiles and hang them up for a backsplash using Glue Dots advanced strength. The tin ceiling tiles work great for this, because they are lightweight and inexpensive. You simply purchase them, bring them home, cut them to fit your space and hang them with a few Glue Dots. Super easy!

Don’t worry — the Glue Dots will hold up well and remove easily when you need to take the tiles down, or if get tired of the look. The package does state to be careful on walls, but I’ve used them (and removed them) without any problem. You can also use the Glue Dots for heavier tiles, but just expect to need more of them and use a little trial-and-error to find the right amount.

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Removable Vinyl

Removeable vinyl is a renter’s dream come true. You can use it in so many ways, in all your rooms, to add temporary style that will easily remove when you are done renting the place, or even when you get bored of the look and want something new.

You can use vinyl to create a backsplash in two different ways. It’s possible to spruce up your kitchen with vinyl positioned to look like a faux tile. For a simpler, statelier look, go with solid colors instead of graphics or patterns.

If you can’t find a faux tile vinyl look you love, try something simpler. You can simply find a vinyl sheet in a pattern you like and use that as the backsplash. It looks a little like wallpaper when used this way, but you’ll love how it turns out and the way it provides just that pop of color you need. See how great this can look on your apartment wall.



Removable Peel-and-Stick Tile

If you’re willing to spend a little more money and want a more polished look, removable peel-and-stick tile is probably the correct choice for you. Smart Tile is one of the main manufacturers, and you can get these “tiles” in almost any look that you would purchase real tile in, making it match any décor.

The product comes in square sheets, and you just peel off the paper backing and apply it. You can use this on any surface — even existing tile — so it makes it perfect for a temporary backsplash. The sheets do remove easily, but you won’t have to worry about them falling off your wall, either.

The tiles are heat and moisture resistant, making them a great choice for the kitchen. The only downside to this method is that these sheets are a bit shiny, which is a look some may not want.

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Hang Something Up

If you don’t want to attach something to the wall like in the above suggestions, you can use temporary hanging hooks and hang items in your backsplash area to create a unique look. Framed art or pictures work great! However, make sure if you hang them near the stove that the heat won’t ruin the print. You can also hang more practical items such as a small shelf to hold spices. This is particularly useful when cooking in a small kitchen.

Another fun idea is to hang decorative plates. You can go for an eclectic look and hang plates of varying sizes and designs, or you can make it more cohesive and use same-sized plates in matching patterns or colors. You can use traditional plate hangers if you can use nails, which makes this super easy.

These decor options are easy to do and are affordable so you can style your kitchen within your budget and without taking up too much time.



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