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Decorating for the fall season has always been tough for me. I either decorate for just Halloween or I don’t do any decorations at all besides a seasonal flag outside. I’ve always loved entertaining friends and family at my home, and I like to keep it clean and decorated accordingly. So this year I found it imperative to do some searching so I could finally decorate my home and be a little festive for the season. Here are 8 simple and fairly inexpensive ways to decorate for the fall:


– Arrange some pumkins that are about the same size, but have different shapes and colors, and surround them with some fall leaves and grape vines for a table decoration. This also looks really good on a few steps of stairs either inside or outside on the front porch.

 – Make some acorn napkin rings for when you entertain some guests. Drill small holes into the acorns and string thin wire through them. Simply tie around a napkin and voila!

 – Use dried corn, indian corn, around the house. Tie some ribbon around 3 ears and hang them on cabinets or stairs, or fill some clear jars with dried corn of different colors and place them around.

 – Bring your mantle to life or add some color to your house by placing orchard fruits, apples, around the house. They can either be the real deal or they can be fake fruits. Using the artifical fruit allows them to be used all season and you can use decorative urns of varying height to display them.

 – Garland isn’t just for Christmas. You can make a fall garland of mini pumpkins, leaves, and twine to hang from banisters and windows.

 – Decorate your front door with something other than a wreath. You can make a fall door monogram using a papier-mache letter. First paint the letter and let it dry. Then cover with your choice of dried or silk leaves, and add some ribbon to hang it by.

 – Since fall is when the temperature starts to get a bit cooler you can layer pretty blankets on tables and chairs to give your home a nice warm cozy feeling. Plus if you’re like me and are cold all the time, having spare blankets here and there is not a problem.

 – Make a centerpiece for your kitchen or dining room table by using a pumpkin. All you have to do is cut off the top of a medium sized pumpkin, clean it out, and add some fresh flowers of your choosing to it.

 Info provided by Better Homes and Gardens

Picture courtesy of Puzzler4879

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