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Annually, we’re given a glimpse into the next big style trend when Pantone announces the color of the year. Last year, design buffs got to sprinkle their homes with the Rose Quartz color of 2016. But for 2017, Pantone’s giving us a little more freedom to brighten up our spaces by bringing the bright outdoors in, with the new color of the year.

Pantone’s color of the year is a vibrant shade of green, aptly named ‘greenery’ for the foliage it closely resembles. The strikingly bright hue is said to mimic the new buds of spring and evokes a feeling of fresh newness. While some might have mixed reviews on this bold new look, if you find yourself wholly aboard the greenery bandwagon and live in an apartment, there are ways to invite green into your space without painting your walls — and sacrificing your security deposit.

Potted Plants

The cheapest and most-damage free way to decorate with greenery, is use real greenery. Studies have shown that having a plant in your work area boosts productivity, as well as can assist with purifying the air. Find a plant that fits your style and adds the lush hues of new growth into your apartment. Your air will be cleaner and your space will look all the more curated.

patio garden

Patio Garden

If you are not using your patio or balcony to its fullest then add some greenery into your life outside. Even if you are dealing with a small space, you can grow your garden foliage in a stackable planter to save space but still have the lush greenscape you’ve always dreamed of.

Removable Installations

Removable Installations

Instead of damaging your relationship with your property manager by painting your rental without authorization, consider purchasing removable wallpaper or tile. Greenery is a very bold color, so pair it down by selecting a patterned leafy wallpaper for a tropical feel or go for a streamlined look by using removable tile to create a solid backsplash worthy of a spring garden.

vibrant accents

Vibrant Accents

If you have already purchased this on-trend new paint color, instead of using it on your walls, consider painting items around your home to give it the fresh spring-time accent. Previously white coffee table or chair legs set a whimsical and modern tone when updated with a fresh coat of paint. Pillows can be recovered with fabric that contains this year’s color; while throw blankets and accent furniture can pull a room together. Bring the zest of greenery into your kitchen by purchasing small appliances or dishes in the hue. Kitchenaid, for example, has a mixer that perfect shade of green and Ikea is chock-full of greenery accents for your home.

less obvious spaces

Less-Obvious Spaces

When choosing to work with a lively color, consider out-of-the-box areas that you can incorporate it into your home or apartment. Pervasive use of any color — particularly a bold choice such as Greenery — can be difficult to pull off, but the color will be a magnificent breath of fresh air in the bathroom, a walk-in closet, or laundry space. Since the space is smaller and easier to repaint when your lease is up, ask your property manager if you could have permission to brighten the walls there. Using removable wallpaper in the back of open shelving is another area that will have a cheering effect and modern impact without being too bold.

The key with using greenery is to do it with intention, and be mindful of the surrounding decor. Greenery is fresh and powerful, and can revitalise and uplift a space designed with minimalism in mind. Alternatively, a space that is busy or cluttered will begin to look childish or haphazard when greenery is not used in small accents.



Whether you live in the urban jungle, or have a view of rolling hills in your own backyard, everyone can use the boost that comes from bringing the zest of greenery indoors.

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