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Seven Tips on Decorating Your Apartment for Christmas

The holidays are here. If you’re the type that would like to infuse holiday cheer into your home without spending a lot, or going too over the top, we’re here to help. From colorful glassware to plaid blankets, here are seven decorating tips to get your home ready for Christmas. Happy holidays!

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Go Plaid

No, plaid isn’t just for school kids. Adding some plaid to your home can make it look more festive.

“Swap your bright pillows and throws to rich plaid patterns in forest greens, red tones and navy holiday colors. Plaid is also a great way to infuse a bit of fun and color into your table settings through napkins or a table runner,” says Kimberly Winthrop, a senior interior designer at Laurel & Wolf, an online interior design service that connects clients with professional interior designers.

If you’d prefer not to buy all new items, consider using or borrowing a blanket.

“Don’t be afraid to use an old plaid blanket layered with your tablecloth and runners to add texture—no one will know it’s a blanket,” she says.

Mixed Metals

If you want to get in the holiday spirit without going completely over the top, mixing metals can be a great way to be cheery without going overboard with red and green. Plus, it will look quite stylish.

“Mixing metals is an easy way to have your home look effortlessly modern and chic. Layering pieces with finishes like gold or brass can instantly make your space feel warmer. Silver decorative accessories add the perfect amount of sophisticated glamour in your home during the holidays,” says Winthrop.

Make Your Bar Colorful

If you’ll be throwing a holiday party, keep your bar cart stocked with colorful glasses. Or add a floral arrangement to your bar. Search Pinterest for ideas if you’re stuck.

“Cocktail glasses with gold and silver accents always sparkle a little bit more when the candlelight flickers and guests are gathering around. Adding a holiday colored tray or a small floral arrangement allows you to be festive without getting in the way of the bar and serving your guests,” adds Winthrop.

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Bring The Outdoors In

Want to add warmth to your home without adjusting the thermostat? Consider using natural elements in your decor.

“Whether it’s pinecones or a branch gathered on your afternoon walk, bringing the outdoors inside is another great way to honor the season and create a warm ambiance without going over the top,” advises Winthrop.

To prevent your apartment from looking like a forest, remember that: “less is more. One artfully placed branch is restrained and elegant, yet still makes a striking seasonal statement,” she states.

Window Dressings

If you’d prefer to keep the holidays outside of your home, start with your windows. If you’re tight on space, decorating outdoors can be a good idea.

“You can use garland, swag lights, center a winter wreath or a holiday banner that spells out something festive. Hanging panel curtains outside the window pane with a solid holiday color like red, blue or green can also dress up the space,” says Tori Toth, a home stager and decorator.

Add a Tree

This might seem like the most obvious tip, but just having a tree can make a huge difference. Make an adventure of it by chopping one down on a farm, or pick up a faux tree if you prefer a more eco-friendly decor.

“I know in my home as soon as we trim the Christmas tree, it’s the start of the holiday season,” says Toth. “Now, it doesn’t matter if it’s real or fake, large or small, overly decorated or simply lit by adding this holiday tradition in a room you’re create a holiday focal point no one will miss.”

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Wrapped Presents

Some wrapped presents also can make your place feel festive.

“You can display gifts on a shelf or under the tree with beautifully wrapped paper, bows and trimmings as an easy way to add color, pattern and decorations in your home, rather than stuffing them in a closet until it’s time to gift give,” Toth says.

Just be sure to keep the presents away from pets, especially if there’s food inside.



Cheers to decorating and the holiday season! For decorating tips you can use year round, check out ForRent’s decorating section.