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So you’ve found you’re new apartment. Exciting!! You are unloading the rental truck with all your things and you start to notice all the boxes pile up. After you’re all done, you realize that you have more stuff than you have room to put it in!

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When things seem to look cramped in your new place, you need to start thinking creatively. Here are some tips to help you maximize your small space.

Build up. Living in a 900 square foot apartment that feels 600 square feet? Look for unique ways to store your items. At many local retailers, such as Target or Walmart, you can purchase artistic and eye catching storage units. This will help you eliminate the clutter of the everyday items you use while also saving some square footage. Another method for building up would be to loft your bed or add bed risers. You’ll create space under your bed for additional storage while disguising it from your guests.

And don’t forget to use the wall space! The four walls you have in your room can serve as decorative elements. By utilizing the space on your walls, you are avoiding the clutter on your furniture (i.e. desks, bookshelves, etc.), hence giving the appearance of more room. So purchase a few inexpensive wall shelves to put your little knick-knacks on and purchase photo frames that hang up.

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Also, try to find multifunctional pieces. A perfect example would be a futon. They serve two purposes, as a couch and a bed. In a studio apartment this would double as your bed and entertaining area. Or in a one bedroom apartment, you’d be making space for overnight guests. Another multipurpose piece is storage trucks or ottomans. While providing storage inside, it will still serve as additional seating in your home.

Another neat trick to invent more space in your small apartment is to fool your guests’ eyes. Mirrors is a perfect example of how to do this. Place one or several mirrors on the wall to make the room appear larger. Another tool that creates this illusion is a false window.

I know for my home I’ve used some of these tips, how about you? Have you put bed risers in your bedroom to use the space underneath? What about decorating on the walls to save space on your furniture? Do you have any more ideas that I have listed? I’d love to hear how you maximized your small space!

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