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Unique Geek Chic Decorating Tips

Every girl has a geeky side, whether you’re crazy for comics, a sci-fi fangirl, or just tech obsessed, you shouldn’t have to hide it! You can incorporate a little geek chic into your everyday living space with fun furniture and adorkable decor. Here are 15 ideas, inspired from Star Wars to Harry Potter, that will transform your apartment into a galaxy far far away.

Polaroid Toilet Paper

This may not be the ideal place for a Polaroid picture… but it’s still pretty cool.

Keyboard Waffle

Just keep the syrup away from your actual keyboard.

Succulent Pots

These Pokemon pots are perfect for succulents!

Storm Trooper Chair

Nothing says summer like a Storm Trooper adirondack chair.

Death Star Cookie Jar

How sweet is this Death Star cookie jar!?

Enter Rug

We love this subtle tech inspired doormat!

Gamer Light Switch

Your guests will get nostalgic over this arcade light switch.

Eyeglasses Wall Art

Glasses have gone from geek to glam in recent years, so why not embrace them?

Dragon Egg Candles

Whether you LARP or just watch Game of Thrones, these dragon egg candles are darling.

Floating Books

Set up these whimsical floating book shelves anywhere around the house.

Comic Book Coasters

Keep your tabletop trendy and action-packed with comic book coasters!

What other unique geek chic items are you currently fanning over?