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If you’re planning on decorating your apartment using color, check out the descriptions below as to what each color means!?


Red is associated with energy, danger, power, determination, passion and love. It has very high visibility which is why stop signs, stoplights and fire equipment are usually red. Using a little bit of red goes a long way, so use small doses of red and it will be just as a larger surface.


Orange is a combination of red and yellow so it combines the energy of red and the happiness of yellow. It is associated with sunshine, the tropics and fall. It represents enthusiasm and creativity. It is highly accepted among young people and is a great attention grabber. You can highlight the most important elements of your design by using orange.


Yellow is the color of sunshine. It produces a warming effect and is linked with happiness, joy and energy. Bright, pure yellow is a great attention getter but is used best as a companion color instead of a stand alone color.


Green is the color of nature. It symbolizes growth, harmony and freshness. For an outdoorsy, sporty feel, use combinations with green and yellow with black or white.


Blue is the color the sky and water. It symbolizes trust, loyalty, confidence, truth and heaven. It is considered to be beneficial to the mind and body and has a calming effect when used for decorating. When used with warm colors, like yellow or red, blue will create visually stimulating vibrant designs. When mixed with green, it’ll make for a natural palette.


Purple is associated with royalty. It signifies power, nobility and ambition. It is coupled with independence, creativity and magic. A purple room can boost a child’s imagination or an artists creativity. A light purple is a good choice for a feminine design.


White is associated with goodness, purity and innocence. It is considered to be the color of perfection. Like the color Black, white compliments all other colors.


Associated with power, formality, death and mystery, black usually had a negative connotation. Although it is considered to be a formal, elegant and prestigious color, it is also the symbol of grief. It does, however contrast well with bright colors.

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