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Technological gadgets around the home aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. And while they certainly make life fun and convenient, the cords, boxes, speakers, consoles, and monitors aren’t necessarily welcome in a stylish apartment space. Whether you hate staring at the cable box while you watch your favorite shows or the mess of cables under your desk causes you to cringe, here are 15 easy and renter-friendly DIY projects that will help you hide your tech in plain sight!


Dealing with cords under your desk can sometimes be as simple as a wire basket held in place with screw-in cup hooks. See the tutorial here.

Make loose cords harder to see and trip over with a few quick hits from the staple gun. See the tutorial here.

Camouflage your cords while adding some pattern and texture to your wall with renter-friendly decorative panels. See the tutorial here.

A simple and inexpensive tension rod and length of fabric can not only cover unsightly cables but also add some softness and texture to your office space. See the tutorial here.

If you’re extra handy, add cord management and extra outlets into your furniture. This console table features plug access, allowing cables to be tucked down, under and out of sight! See the tutorial here.

If you can’t hide them, at least make your various chargers and cords cute! Patterned washi tape not only adds color to plain cords, but you can use different colors to help keep track of which cord belongs to who! See the tutorial here.

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TV Components

Can you spot the cable box in the photos below? Learn how to make this ultra chic and easy cover here.

If you hate the look of a TV on the wall but can’t get rid of it, try to camouflage it with a frame. Add other artwork around it to create a gallery feature wall you can still enjoy when the TV is off. See the tutorial here.

If you don’t want boxes, speakers, and consoles sitting on top of your media stand, upcycle a unit that will allow you to put them out of the way. This dining room buffet turned media cabinet has a spot for everything while maintaining a classy and stylish display. See the tutorial here.

Small Electronics

Between tablets, phones, laptops, gaming devices and more, the amount of small electronics in a single family can really add up. Give these devices a dedicated home while they charge in an out-of-the-way cabinet. See the details here.

Want to charge your phone while you sleep but don’t like the clutter on your bedside table? Turn a book into the ultimate stylish charging station with this tutorial.

Keeping a computer in family spaces is great for easy access and for monitoring kids’ screen time. But it can also prove a constant eyesore and temptation. Create a computer station that looks decorative when closed up but is super functional when needed. See the tutorial here.


Do you want your printer accessible whenever you need it but out of sight otherwise? Learn how to transform a single dresser drawer with a simple hinge using this tutorial.

If you like to have stylish open shelving in your office but don’t care for the look of an unsightly printer, an oversized basket might be the solution. Try it with this tutorial here.

If you can’t place your printer into something, think about what you can hang around it in order to hide it. Below, fabric was stapled to an inexpensive desk to hide the printer, files and other electronics while keeping them super accessible. See the tutorial here.

BONUS! Keep your printer off your desks or shelves with a dedicated printer cabinet. This rolling one was created using an old side table and is tiny enough to be tucked anywhere when not in use! See the tutorial here.

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You don’t have to live with your tech devices staring you in the face all the time. With some creativity, ingenuity and rather simple solutions, you can easily hide cords, boxes and more while maintaining their usability. Give some of these DIY projects a try in order to achieve a smart, yet stylish, living space!

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