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I am always on the hunt for great products to keep our home organized and our life streamlined! When I stumbled upon Land of Nod’s adorable Perfect Pitch Storage Caddy, I knew it would be a great solution for my son’s art supplies. Although the original is pretty inexpensive, I knew I could DIY my own for less and get the exact colors and dimensions I wanted. With some basic supplies from the hardware store and a day of my time, I had my very own craft caddy ready for our playroom!

Craft Caddy theirs mine knock-off


My craft caddy measures 24″ x 3.5″ and has six different spots for corralling various supplies. I love having all our art tools in one convenient spot and the huge splash of color this accessory brings to our space!

Craft Caddy Caddy Close Up


This is a simple project that comes together quickly and easily! All you need are a few off-the-shelf products from the hardware store:

  • 1×3 cut of wood

  • 3″ x 24″ PVC pipe

  • Spray primer

  • Spray paint

  • Super glue

  • Hack saw, PVC saw, or reciprocating saw (not shown)

Craft Caddy Supplies

The first step is to both prime and paint the piece of wood that runs along the bottom of the caddy. It will be primed and painted again a few steps down, but painting this part first allows for good even coverage along the bottom of the tubes.

Craft Caddy Paint

While the paint is drying, cut down the 24″ PVC pipe with a saw into varying heights. We used two 3″, two 4″ and two 5″ heights. Use a sanding block to smooth the rough cuts and edges.

Craft Caddy Cut Sand

Once the wood board is dry, super glue the PVC sections into whatever lineup you like. Line up the tubes so that the edges of each pipe are as close as possible. Let the glue dry and cure per the package directions.

Craft Caddy Glue

With everything secured and dry, prime and paint the entire unit again. Yes, you will prime over your original paint and have to paint it again. However, the very bottoms of the insides of the tubes will remain nicely painted. To get the inside sides of the tubes, turn the entire caddy on its side and spray the paint into the tubes. Gloves are recommended here to avoid getting back spray all over your hands!

Craft Caddy Paint Again

Craft Caddy Sideways

 Give the caddy a day or two to fully cure, then load it up with your craft supplies or whatever you need to store! (This caddy would also be great for holding eating utensils on a buffet or cooking utensils in a kitchen!)

This caddy cost me about $12 in materials, but it’s over twice the length than the original and has one extra storage compartment! It’s now a bright and super handy accessory in our playroom…perfect for impromptu coloring and crafting sessions at any time!

Craft Caddy Final

Craft Caddy Final2

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