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In this day and age everyone is looking for a way to stand out; or at least that was the case for me when I was planning my daughter’s first birthday party. Sure there were tons of cute, and reasonably priced premade invitations, but I wanted something unique, that would immediately grab my audience’s attention. I mean, a person only turns one once, so I wanted to make the most of it. To me it’s the little details that matter, and I just couldn’t find those little details that I was looking for… so I decided to create my own invitations!

This DIY project was relatively inexpensive, and surprisingly did not take up much of my time- which is key for any parent of a 12 month old! I first decided what kind of theme and color scheme I wanted to go with, and used that as a starting point. (I had decided on a lavender, black, and gray butterfly theme.) To save some time, I ordered precut cardstock from a vendor off of the fabulous website etsy.com. For those of you unfamiliar with Etsy, it’s a website where homemade goods are bought and sold; and I just love it! After ordering my cardstock, I continued my search on Etsy for some of those “little details” I wanted to incorporate so much.  I found adorable tiny butterfly cut outs for super cheap, and super cute hearts, that I was able to customize the colors to fit my theme. Once I received all of my supplies, I used a stamp to outline the invitation information, and then filled in the information by hand. Stamps can be picked up at your local craft store for around $10, or of course, ordered online. I glued my “little details” onto the stamped cardstock, and voila, the invitations were complete!

As an added “little detail” I stamped a butterfly on the back of every invitation. I knew that not everyone would see them, but for those guests that did, they would have a nice little “extra” waiting to greet them.

These invitations were so easy and fun to make. I highly recommend making your own. Since it does take a little time to receive custom orders for your supplies, the only bit of advice I would give, is to start planning early so you are not rushed, and you can truly enjoy your time working on your personalized invitations. I received tons of compliments on the invites and I even heard some guests say that they never would have thought to make their own invitations. Now, that’s the way to set the stage for a party with some “Wow” factor!

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  1. Apartments in Raleigh, NC says:
    A little artistically challenged, but I will definitely try this out. Thank you for posting good suggestions like this. Practical, as well.

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