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Maybe you have always wanted to try gardening, or maybe you have tried with no luck; either way, finding your green thumb is easier than it seems if you take things slow and find the right kind of apartment gardening style for you. Here are a few tips to help you get started.

Read the Label

Some plants do better in bright spaces, while others do better in a generally dark environment. Depending on where you intend to keep your plant (indoors or outdoors), choosing a plant that fits your desired space is ideal. The label also explains what kind of potting soil your plant needs and how often it needs to be watered. The good news for a first-time gardener is that some plants are hard to kill – so those plants are good to start off with.

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Keep Pets Safe

If you have a pet at home, it is necessary to do some research regarding plants, as many tend to be harmful for dogs and cats. Part of successful apartment gardening is the ability to distinguish whether or not your environment is ideal for a plant and vice versa. The ASPCA provides information regarding which plants are toxic and non-toxic to animals. You can pick depending on what type of pet you have, since some plants can be toxic to dogs but not cats. Some plant groups, such as Dracaena, are always toxic to dogs.

ForRent.com - How to keep your pet safe from toxic houseplants

Find the Right Pot

Some pots have holes at the bottom for draining and others don’t. Although it may be better to have a hole for draining, some plants, such as Bamboo, don’t need holes for draining because they prefer to retain moisture. Succulents also don’t necessarily need holes for draining because they don’t require too much moisture. If you need a hole to drain your succulent, you’re most likely over-watering it. That is not to say that succulents and cacti don’t need water; in fact, they do – especially during “growing season.” There are a wide variety of decorative pots, which include recycled items like tea and coffee cans, geometric glass terrariums, ceramic pots and more. Using your plants to decorate your home may be the most exciting aspect of having a green thumb!

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Source: Project Wedding

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Source: McLaughlin Designs

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Source: Nest of Posies Blog

Keep Up with It

If you found the right plant for you, your home and maybe your pet, and you have planted your plant in your favorite pot, don’t forget about it! A big aspect of apartment gardening is taking care of your plant just as you would with a pet. Ensure your plant gets a sufficient amount of lighting during the day (maybe it needs to be moved from time to time), water it but don’t over water it, and last but not least, re-pot it when necessary. Some plants outgrow their pot and need to be replanted into a larger pot.

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For more apartment gardening tips and ideas, visit the ForRent.com gardening section.


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