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The holiday season is upon us, and many special days and reasons to celebrate are approaching! Whether you’re throwing a formal dinner party or an informal gathering of neighbors, nothing says “celebrate” like confetti! So gather up some basic supplies (many of which you might already have around the house) to create some adorable, easy, and budget-friendly confetti party poppers to add some festivity and fun to any occasion you’re celebrating this season!

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Confetti can easily be thrown into the air by hand or sprinkled atop tables, but one of the funniest ways to say “surprise,” “Happy New Year,” or “let’s celebrate” is with a confetti popper. These fun little “gadgets” can be made in just minutes, and your party guests will love using them to explode a shower of sparkles over friends and loved ones.

Here is what you need to make your own Confetti Party Poppers!

Paper towel, toilet paper, or wrapping paper tubes – you will need about 4” of tube for each party guest
Cardstock – pick colors and patterns to match your occasion or decor
Balloons – one for each popper you want to make
Tape, glue and scissors
Optional – phrase stickers (not shown)

If you’re starting with toilet paper rolls, you can skip this step. If you’re using paper towels, wrapping paper or other, longer tubes, trim them down into 4” lengths. Depending on the strength of the tube, scissors may not be sufficient here. An X-acto knife, electric cutting knife, small handheld saw, or bread knives can also work! If your rolls have raw edges, using a sanding block to clean them up before moving on.

Next, use a scissors or paper trimmer to cut down the cardstock into strips that will cover the cardboard tubes. For a standard toilet paper roll, strips of 4” tall by 6” wide should be sufficient to cover the roll with some overlap.

Next, take your balloon and tie a knot at the open end (below left). Then use scissors to trim off the bottom of the balloon (below right).

Carefully pull the knotted/cut balloons over one end of each cardboard roll. If desired, add a stretch of tape across the edge of the balloon to secure it to the cardboard roll (especially recommended if kids will be pulling the poppers!)

With the balloons secure, use glue or your favorite adhesive to cover the rolls in pretty papers.

For added durability, place a piece of decorative tape along the seam of the paper.

Finally, if you would like to customize your poppers for a special event or party, print out your favorite sayings, phrases, or even names onto clear sticker paper. Trim each one down with scissors or punches and then place them onto your poppers.

Tip! If you don’t want to make your own stickers, check out the journal and planner sticker packs now available in most craft stores. Many have phrases applicable to all sorts of holidays, making customizing your poppers as easy as peel and stick!

The last step is to fill up your poppers with confetti! Note that the poppers do not have tops. You can pre-fill your poppers and stand them on end as shown. Another option is to put out a big bowl of confetti with scoops and let guests fill their poppers just the way they want them!

When it’s time to celebrate, simply pull the balloon down away from the popper and then release the balloon. With a gentle pop, your confetti will fly into the air creating a spectacular and festive display!

These poppers are an easy, inexpensive, and fun addition to your next party or holiday gathering. Mix and match colors and patterns to your holiday decor, and let guests fill them up until their heart’s content. Enjoy the sparkle and festivity they are sure to bring…just have the vacuum ready should your guests get a bit carried away!

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