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Beyond decorating your door with pumpkins and other frightful accessories, another fun idea for welcoming Trick-or-Treaters to your door is to make some DIY Halloween Treat Buckets! Whether you’re leaving candy by your door or handing out treats yourself, these Mummy, Frankenstein, and Scaredy Cat Buckets will sure bring smiles to kids’ faces and put everyone in a festive mood. They couldn’t be any easier and use just a few supplies you might already have around the house! Read on to learn how each one comes together, as well as some tips for attracting Trick-or-Treaters in an apartment setting!

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These adorable DIY Treat Buckets require mere minutes and no craft skills! If you look closely, you’ll see they are made with crepe paper streamers and some sparkly cardstock cut into various shapes. If you can use tape and scissors, you can do this project!

Here is what you need to make any of the treat buckets shown:

Bucket(s) – Look around the house for anything round: ice bucket, (clean) trash can, flower pots, food containers, pitchers or bowls

Crepe Party Streamers

Glittered Cardstock

Tape – Both regular and double-sided


Candy (not shown)

Before Getting Started

All three of these treat buckets are made using streamers right off the party store shelves, including the black fringe streamers.

However, if you can’t find the black fringe streamers, you can recreate the look using strips of black cardstock. Cut cardstock into 2.5” wide strips, and then make slits toward the center of each strip as shown below. It will take a little longer than using the already-fringed streamers, but you will get the same effect!

These buckets require various shapes cut from different colors of cardstock. Don’t fuss too much; simply free-cut any shapes you want or need for your buckets — the crazier the better! However, if you have trouble making shapes, don’t hesitate to sketch or trace shapes onto the back of the paper before cutting out.

The Mummy Treat Bucket

The Mummy Treat Bucket is the easiest one to make.

Start by attaching the end of a roll of white crepe streamers to your bucket with tape.

Wrap the streamers around your bucket, moving up and down the surface until the entire bucket is covered to your liking. You may need to use some double-stick tape to keep streamers in place if your buckets is tapered (like the one shown).

Cut three different sizes of circles from three different colors of cardstock. Layer the circles onto each other with double-stick tape and then nestle them into the streamers to create the Mummy’s eyes. If necessary, use more double-stick tape to hold the eyes in place. Finish by filling the bucket with candy!

The Frankenstein Treat Bucket

Although he looks a bit more involved, the Frankenstein Treat Bucket comes together in a very similar fashion. Start by wrapping the bucket in green crepe streamers, overlapping as you work down the bucket and using double-sided tape, as necessary, to keep the paper in place.

Cut a length of black fringe streamers (or make your own as shown earlier) to fit around the top of the bucket; secure in place with more double-stick tape.

From black glitter cardstock, cut out a variety of shapes to make Frankenstein’s face, including two eyes (with layers if desired), a mouth, eyebrows and bolt-like ears.

Secure all the face cutouts to the bucket using more double-stick tape. Finish by filling the bucket with candy!

The Scaredy Cat Treat Bucket

The Scaredy Cat Treat Bucket comes together slightly differently. Instead of wrapping the fringe streamers around the bucket in a random fashion, cut lengths of streamers that will fit just right around the bucket and tape each one in place individually.

Fluff the fringe outward as you place more streamers, moving down the bucket.

With the fringe in place, secure the cat face elements on top using more double-stick tape. Finish by filling the bucket with candy!

Make Sure Trick-or-Treaters Find Your Door!

Even with the scariest Halloween decor or cutest treat buckets filled with the best candy, it can be difficult to attract trick-or-treaters in an apartment setting.

If your door is tucked away where visitors can’t easily see or find you, try one (or some!) of these tips:

Leave a Trail – Consider using paper arrows, paper pumpkins, more streamers, balloons or candy along the walls or floors to lead Trick-or-Treaters to your door. Create a path from major entrances of nearby parking lots; and be sure to make it very clear that Trick-or-Treaters are welcome!

Play Music – Spooky music can alert families of your presence and help lead Trick-or-Treaters to your door.

Get a Group Together – Kids often like to get as much candy as possible without a lot of work. As such, consider getting a group of neighbors together to sit and pass out candy, create a haunted hallway, or even throw a Halloween block party.

Make It Light – Kids don’t like to walk where it’s dark, so turn on outside lights whenever possible. If hallways or corridors aren’t well lit, use glow sticks, luminaries, or flashlights to make the area more welcoming for visitors.

Sit in a Central Location – If your rental is really tucked back from common areas and hallways, consider sitting out in an easily accessible/visible area such as parking lots, lobbies, entrances, elevator/stair landings, and/or gates.

No porch? No problem! Check out these porch-less ways to decorate for Halloween!

Halloween is all about candy, costumes, and crafts! Even if you don’t dress up or decorate, these DIY Treat Buckets will help you feel festive and connect with kids who come to your door. With these festive treat buckets and a strategy to attract visitors, you’re sure to have a Happy Halloween!

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