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If your bed is missing a little something, a headboard for instance; don’t fret! You don’t have to go to a fancy retailer and spend oodles of money to make your sleeping oasis complete.  Why, you can do it with as little as $25 dollars!  Just purchase curtain hooks, a curtain rod, and stylish curtains.


Curtain Headboard for Bedroom
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Step 1: Drill holes on the wall for your curtain hooks.

Step 2: Make sure the curtain rod is level.

Step 3: String coordinating fabric/pre-seam curtain on the rod and push the bed against the fabric.


A couple of additional tips would be to purchase other fabric that complements the existing fabric and place on the edges of the existing curtains. Then add tassels for dramatic appeal. Doing this creates a window effect which could add richness to your bedroom as well as give the appearance of a larger space. Or instead of purchasing additional fabric, you can do what the picture shows. Use the tassels to open up the window and hang something over the bed. Another way to frame your art piece!

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