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Have some old bar stools sitting around? Give them a makeover! Today’s tutorial comes from The Crafting Chicks, and they made over a plain bar stool into a new beautiful addition to any room! Add them near an island or counter space in your kitchen for a comfortable and fashionable seating area.





What you will need:


  • Bar Stools


  • Mod Podge


  • Primer


  • Spray Paint (in color of choice, they used black)


  • Fabric (in print of choice, they used damask)


  • Craft Paint Brush


  • Plate








First, prime and spray paint the bar stools. In Crafting Chicks, they didn’t sand down the furniture – simply applied a spray paint primer and coats of black spray paint, and let dry. How simple!




Next, trace out the dimensions of the fabric for the top of the bar stool. Crafting chicks used a plate to trace off of, giving a perfect circle. Cut out fabric.




Then, apply mod podge to the top of the stool where the fabric will go. Place the fabric on top of the mod podge, then apply another layer of mod podge on top of the fabric and let dry. The result will be a clear protective coat and your fabric will be sealed in place.




It’s that easy! You can use practically any color and fabric combination you like,and the result is much more polished and attractive then plain bar stools.



Instructions and pictures from: Crafting Chicks

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