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We have hit the final countdown, the last sprint ‘til Christmas is here.
Christmas parties are well under way, and so is the shopping, decorating and tackling to-do lists.

I am still putting up décor here and there, even though the main part of our Christmas decorations went up about two weeks ago. I really like adding in a few new pieces every year but tend to wince when I see the latest décor prices. Especially when we need to buy presents, holiday food, etc.

I sat down with my youngest over the weekend and decided to make a couple of gold trees using a few things we had sitting around the house. I always like to layer my mantel or have Christmas décor out on tables, and this fit that description perfectly, using minimal supplies and time.

-Gold tinsel (I used two 15′ packages)
-Hot glue and glue gun
-Paper cones

I actually had the tinsel from a previous year and grabbed the cones while I was out during the week. I see the cones every year and have always wanted to decorate them but never pulled the trigger ‘til now. I grabbed all three for under $10. I know you will spend at least triple that on pre-made trees, so naturally I was super excited.

DIY Cone Trees

Start by finding where the middle of the tinsel hits the cone.

DIY Cone Trees 01

Next, run glue along the clone and press the tinsel into place. The great thing about using tinsel is that you don’t have to butt the pieces right up next to each other. It is so full that you can leave spaces between and not have to purchase more.

DIY Cone Trees 03

Keep spinning around, gluing and pressing until you reach the top. Glue the tinsel all the way to the very tip, then trim. My 8-year-old held the tree steady and spun it when I told her to, while I ran the hot glue on, and we both pressed the tinsel into place.

DIY Cone Trees 02

Shake it to remove excess tinsel (it sheds a bit), then place it by your stocking, on your coffee table or even your dining table. I actually think that might be my favorite place. Everyone who comes through can really see how much they shine in that spot.

DIY Cone Trees 04

DIY Cone Trees 05

It only took us a matter of minutes to finish all three — 30 minutes tops. And she loved every minute of it, even taking the small one and adding paper ornaments that she colored to it after we had finished :).

DIY Cone Trees 06

Feeling crafty this Christmas? Try making these Glittery Glass Candle Vases to brighten up your space!

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