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When you are decorating on a budget, you have no better friend than spray paint. Spray paint helps you easily and inexpensively upgrade even the ugliest thrifted chair or hand-me-down lamp. These are just a few unexpected ways spray paint can help make your apartment feel more like home.


You probably already know that you can create a solid color finish on glass with spray paint, but new spray paint varieties let you create finishes that look like mercury glass, stained glass, or even beach glass.

Project suggestion: Create a faux milk glass finish on thrifted glassware with glossy white spray paint.


If it’s made of metal, you can probably paint it with spray paint. Check with your landlord to see if you are allowed to upgrade light fixtures, curtain rods, or kitchen hardware with spray paint.

Project suggestion: Update the hardware on your dresser. Remove the pulls from the drawers, paint them with colorful spray paint, and screw the pulls back onto the drawers for a whole new look!


Yes, you can makeover pillows, furniture, curtains, and rugs with spray paint. While you can use regular spray paint on fabric, it may leave it feeling stiff. Special fabric spray paints can be found in your local craft store.

Project suggestion: Upgrade cheap curtains in no time. Lay a stencil on the bottom edge of a pair of curtains and spray with spray paint. Allow to dry before hanging.


Spray paint designed for plastic has a durable finish that will not easily scratch off. It is great for making cheap plastic items look like pricier ceramic.

Project suggestion: You won’t be ashamed to have your storage bins in full view after you give those dollar store bins a silver spray paint makeover!


Who wants to spend their whole weekend sanding, prepping, priming, and painting wood furniture? Do it all in one step with spray paint!

Project suggestion: Give your gallery wall a cohesive look by spray painting all the frames the same color.


Florists have been spray painting flowers, branches, and leaves for decades. You would be surprised how elegant a few spray painted branches in a large vase can look.

Project suggestion: Make a quick and cheap Thanksgiving centerpiece by painting leaves and pumpkins with metallic spray paint.

Always make sure you are working in a ventilated area when using spray paint —outdoors is best. Did any of the items on this list surprise you? What new ways will you be using spray paint in the future?

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