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Looking for a convenient way to get in shape but don’t have the room for a treadmill, weights or other traditional gym gear? Yoga is an excellent fitness choice for apartment or small-space dwellers, as it provides a full-body workout without requiring much square footage. There’s also very little equipment needed — a big plus for those with limited storage space — and its focus on mindful, deliberate movement means you won’t be bothering your neighbors with loud footsteps or other noise.

If you’re already a fan of yoga, you likely know it can be an expensive pursuit. If your neighborhood does not have a community or other low-cost option for yoga instruction, classes at a traditional studio or gym can really eat into your wallet — another reason why a home practice is a fine idea no matter the size of your space.

Yoga practitioners of all levels — from novice to expert — rely primarily on one prop: the mat. If you’ve ever been to a popular, crowded yoga class, you’ll know it’s possible to perform yoga in basically just the bare-bones space taken up by a mat. This means that even the smallest apartment is still a fine place to get your “om” on. As a plus, yoga mats (as well as other optional props, such as blocks and straps) are convenient to store, whether in a tiny closet, under a piece of furniture or tucked away in a drawer.

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If you have never done yoga before or have been out of practice for some time, it’s a good idea to start by taking a studio yoga class in order to orient yourself to the basics. The instructor can help you with any questions or adjustments, and will likely have suggestions for poses and/or sequences you can transfer to your home practice. Many studios offer a free class for new students; check your local listings. Another good bet is to get a trial pass to your neighborhood gym; chains such as 24 Hour Fitness, LA Fitness, etc. usually offer a free week to introduce members to their facility, which includes access to classes.

While you are in class, ask if it’s OK to record the session so you can try it again at home using the audio as guidance. You can do this via an inexpensive voice recorder device (less than $20 at Walmart or an online retailer), or simply use your phone’s voice memo feature if it has one.

After taking a class in person, you can go home and explore instructional yoga videos on your laptop. YouTube is a great place to browse; you’ll find hundreds of free classes and channels to choose from. You can narrow your search by pinpointing what kind of yoga you’re looking for: Vinyasa, or flow yoga, is faster paced and burns more calories; hatha is slower paced, and you can search for “slow flow,” “deep stretch” or “restorative” if you’re looking for a gentle way to loosen up. (Tip: You can even find a class specifically targeted to a part of your body — just search “back,” “hips,” etc. for solutions to your individual issues.)

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Also check your television cable provider’s on-demand menu for classes (usually listed under a sports or fitness channel). Take your time, view what looks appealing and decide which class or classes you’d like to add to your practice.

Once you feel comfortable with your level of knowledge, you can then set up your yoga space at home. As previously noted, you don’t need a lot of room. You should be able to stretch your mat out to full length and hold your arms out at full reach horizontally. If you’re planning to watch a class on TV, you should obviously roll your mat out in view of your set. If you’re using a laptop or an audio device, however, feel free to set up wherever it’s most convenient — even on your patio or balcony if you like!

Before starting, test your arm and leg reach to make sure there are no pieces of furniture you will bump into (and possibly injure yourself!). Keep a towel and bottle of water handy and you’re good to go.

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Many classes online and on cable TV are already scored with music, but if you’d like to use your own music, there are many options for appropriate tunes. Again, YouTube is a good source for this, or search for yoga music playlists on a service such as Spotify. If you are not following a specific guided sequence, you may also choose to download or stream a guided meditation or chant to accompany your practice. Experiment and see what works for you.

A nice way to enhance your at-home classes is to add personal sacred items to your space. Consider fragrant tealight candles (use care and make sure you have a stable surface to place them on), crystals and photographs that help you set and maintain intentions. If you’re really pressed for space, a dab of fragrant oil on your hands can help set the mood.

For those who would like to enhance yoga with some simple strength training, free weights are obtainable at any sports goods store and are also easy to store away from sight in any size of apartment. Most people can get great results using just two sets of weights: one heavy and one light. Consider hanging a full-length mirror on a door or wall so you can check your form, which is of utmost importance when working with weights.

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