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There’s nothing cooler than finding that super cute, previously used dress for a great price at your local thrift shop. Pittsburgh is a city that truly embraces the upcycle mentality, and we’ve got plenty of shops to prove it. Whether you’re looking to buy some retro furniture for your new apartment, or you need a new(ish) outfit for your night out, I’ve explored the hottest spots for buying used in the city.

Construction Junction

My absolute favorite spot, Construction Junction, sits on North Lexington Street and offers reusable appliances and construction materials at low prices. If you’re looking to do some serious DIY crafting, upcycling, or you just want to revamp your apartment, you can stop here and grab all the materials that you need to get your job done. Need a retro table and chair set? They’ve got one. Stop into their warehouse and take a look around. If you have some big pieces of material that you want to recycle, stop by their warehouse, they take all sorts of recyclables.

Twitter: @CJreuse

Who New Retro Mod Decor

The business name says it all, Who New Retro Mod Decor is an Upper Lawrenceville store that has a Narnia-like quality. With furniture, decorations, hats, clothes, and pretty much anything you can think of all packed into this cozy store, if you’re looking to make your apartment hip and full of Pittsburgh funk, this place is a must. I love all the clocks that they showcase on their wall!

Clothes Minded

Buying a Friday night outfit doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Clothes Minded, a Bloomfield-based vintage clothing store, offers trendy finds for everyone. With racks of gently used blouses, super cute dresses, shoes, pants, and everything you might need for a night on the town (Spirit, anyone?) you can stop in and get fancy. Buy, sell, and trade your clothes and accessories here!

Twitter: @clothesmindedpg

Avalon Exchange

If you live in Squirrel Hill, you definitely don’t want to miss Avalon Exchange. This vintage clothing store is filled with trendy clothing options. I personally love that they carry brands, like Burberry and Etro, all at low prices that will keep your wallet happy. Is your closet full of clothes that you don’t wear? Go here and sell them for cash or trade.

Twitter: @avalonpgh


A fairly new store in the Steel City, Thriftique is in the Lawrenceville neighborhood and offers clothing and furniture! Pittsburghers love going to Thriftique, with its color-coded clothes racks, retro and high-end furniture, and all those decoration odds-and-ends. If you need a new(ish) bookshelf, this is the place to go. Need some paintings? They typically have some nice prints at a fair price. Decorate your apartment and your wardrobe with this one-stop shop.

Twitter: @ncjwthriftique

Pittsburgh has so many unique stores, and if you are looking for a fun weekend adventure, there’s nothing more fun than grabbing a friend (or two) and hitting up some of the thrift, upcycle, and antique shops around town. You might be surprised by some of the goodies that you find. Now get out there and start shopping!

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