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Busy work, class and personal life schedules can be a lot to juggle. Stress and anxiety have been known to get worse during winter months, with cold weather and less sunshine keeping many of us indoors. Here are some quick ways to relieve stress and tension throughout the day. These tips will keep you grounded and prepared to tackle the day’s demands.



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  • Talk to someone. If you find yourself tense throughout the day, call a friend, talk to a coworker or even talk to your pet. Chatting with a willing listener can help you express yourself and work through any negative emotion.


  • Concentrate on your senses. When you find yourself getting stressed, take your mind off of the situation by taking notice of your surroundings. Focusing on what you hear, smell, see and feel can relax excess tension.


  • Disconnect. Social media, email, radio and television are constantly playing a part of our daily lives. Reading instead of watching television, or doing some slow, enjoyable activity instead of surfing the Web can decrease stress and help you stay relaxed.


  • Stay active. During your lunch break, take a walk. Take the stairs, ride a bike; any activity will help burn off extra energy and ground you with the present moment.


  • Give yourself a mini massage. Massage your hands, rub your shoulders, scratch your head. Relaxing sensations will keep you revitalized throughout the day. Stretching is also important. Take intermittent breaks throughout the day to stretch stiff or sore muscles.


Keep in check with your stress levels and use these simple relaxation tips. The more relaxed you are, the more focused and alert you can be.


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