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After all those holiday treats, it’s no wonder that fitness resolutions are quite popular this time of year. The trouble is that most people seem to hit a barrier when it comes to sticking with their fitness goals, and that barrier is often MOTIVATION! Some just aren’t motivated to hit the gym every day and do the same old boring exercise. Or, especially in today’s economy, many are hesitant to pay the expensive fees associated with gym memberships. Rest assured we’ve got solutions for all those dilemmas.

Budget Conscious Exercise is going to be a main focus for a lot of people this upcoming year; understandably so. In response, gyms will offer specials to entice members to join. At home exercise programs will start to look more appealing or –  like we mentioned in our 5 Reasons to Get Fit in 2009  blog – renters will have the advantage of using their apartment community’s fitness center free of charge!

Time Saving Workouts will also be a big hit for any fitness goals this year.  Everyone is splitting their time as it is, so we don’t want to waste it on some type of activity that isn’t really going to maximize our results. That’s why boot camp, cross fit or circuit training classes are coming into fashion. These classes provide a huge impact in a short period of time.

Exergaming is a term used for video games that are also a form of exercise. It’s kind of funny; the pastime that has been known to promote sedentary activity is now promoting an active lifestyle too.  But people love it. And why not? These games – like Wii FitTM – are very interactive and can be placed in your apartment to do at your leisure.

Maybe exercise isn’t your cup of tea, but you just want to be aware of how to be healthier. Health and fitness awareness is going to make great strides in 2010. Organizations are going to get the word out so more people will be informed on healthy living.

Source: http://exercise.about.com

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