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Stress is a part of our lives, and learning how to manage it well is important. Carving out a little time and space to meditate or decompress can be the key to keeping it in check. Here are some healthful living strategies for doing just that:

  • Set a time to relax. It may sound ridiculous, but it is tempting to skip if you don’t schedule it at first. Try to keep it as open-ended as possible.
  • Set up a place to unwind. It can be a little corner of the room with a comfortable chair or an entire room if you have the space.
  • Set the stage. Dim lights and calming music can go a long way toward helping you meditate or decompress. You can also hang a piece of art you enjoy or a simple poster of somewhere peaceful to help get into the right mindset.
  • Turn off and unplug. Kill the cell phone, the house phone and any other distractions before you start.
  • Breathe. Take some deep breaths to start. Clear your mind and close your eyes. Take a few minutes to transition into a relaxed state.
  • Practice. Keep at this simple routine and you’ll find yourself more balanced and energized. It can really pay off if you practice relieving stress on a regular basis.
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