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This is actually the first post we’ve done regarding diet, but it is one that is near and dear to my heart. Last year during the holidays I searched & found an exercise regime that would meet with my holiday ‘sin’ such as cocktail parties, buffet dinner or dessert binges. But this post is more directed as proactive rather than reactive. Here are tips for you to avoid overeating in the first place during the holiday gatherings:

  • Portions, Portions, Portions: When you are getting dishes to eat make sure you pay close attention to the size of the portions you are choosing. The recommended size is the palm of your hand or smaller. Given that during the holidays there are a plethora of delectables to feast on, you may want to go smaller so you can enjoy all there is to offer.
  • Seasonal Favorites: It would be foolish of me to state that you should limit yourself to only 2 sides, when I know that I don’t do it. It’s hard with all the options to choose just a few but it might be easier if you were to look at it in a different manner. You’ll want to make sure you get seasonal favorites as those choices may not be around all year, so stick with those for your first round and if you’re still hungry then you can get other options. Wouldn’t you rather get cranberry sauce rather than bread and butter?
  • Know your limits: This seems to be where people get themselves in to trouble. With all the goodies everywhere they continue to snack and snack and snack, bringing plate 1 to plate 4 or 5. When you are eating it is important to listen to your body for signals that you are getting full. This will help eliminate the overfull belly which can sometimes be painful (I know)! Again, sticking with the first two tips try everything you’d like, but make it smaller portions such as slivers of deserts and go back for more if you want (and are able to eat it). Don’t hoard everything onto your first plate as you will probably feel more obligated to finish it.
  • Exercise: And keeping with my statement in the intro, exercise is a particular staple in my holidays. As I start to down my second sliver of pumpkin pie (personal seasonal favorite), I start to feel guilty. The easiest way for me to feel better about it is the promise to walk around my neighborhood twice afterwards (or do the stairs in my house a few extra times). I even ask my mother to join me so I’m still spending quality time with family. Exercise is important for any person, but during the holidays it is especially important as there is typically more stress and overeating.

With these tips in mind, hopefully everyone will be able to stick to their plan of not overeating. With the holidays being so close together, it really is key to be prepared so you can enjoy all to the fullest!

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