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With 8.5 million people living in a small amount of space, New York City is like nowhere else in the world. It’s crowded, chaotic and pulsing with energy at all hours of the day. All those people, buildings and traffic don’t exactly strike up visions of long, uninterrupted runs and quiet trails. But if you think running in NYC means playing a real-life version of Frogger, think again!

With more than 1,700 parks, one of the top marathons in the world, 100-plus running clubs and running events almost every weekend, NYC has everything you need to get outside and get moving.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a marathoner or a newbie, running solo or with a pal; NYC has you covered. These six routes are beautiful, accessible and just waiting for you to lace up and start running.

NYC - Central Park Pond
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Central Park Reservoir and Bridle Path

It wouldn’t be a NYC running list without a mention of Central Park, the king of all running locations. Hit the reservoir, a 2-mile soft path, at sunset or sunrise for amazing views of the city skyline. Add on the bridle path for a longer distance and an off-the-beaten-path feel.

Where to Start: Anywhere along the reservoir
Distance: 1.6 miles + 2.5 miles
Best for Runners Who Like: early morning runs, soft paths, a populated place


Hudson River Run

Follow the Hudson River along the west side of Manhattan for one of the longest and flattest stretches of running space in the city. Stop your run at 59th street or continue all the way to 181st Street. Check out views of the Statue of Liberty and New Jersey throughout your run. Another perk: There are many bathrooms and water fountains along the route.

Where to Start: Battery Park
Distance: 5 miles
Best for Runners Who Like: amazing views, long distances, a flat course

NYC - View of Brooklyn Bridge from BBPark
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Two Bridges Run

Running across the majestic Brooklyn Bridge is something every New York runner should do at least once. Head toward Brooklyn over the famous bridge, then make your way back around and over the Manhattan Bridge. Get going in the early morning hours to avoid the crowds of tourists that descend on this popular spot.

Where to Start: City Hall Park
Distance: 4 miles
Best for Runners Who Like: amazing views, short runs, hills, early morning runs


Roosevelt Island

This little oasis in the middle of the East River is a great place to head for a quiet run. You can add onto your route by running over the Roosevelt Island Bridge, but the best way to get there is to take the tram. There are views from every spot along the perimeter of the island, as well as bathrooms and water fountains. It will make you feel like you’re running through a neighborhood in the suburbs.

Where to Start: The tram station
Distance: 3.9 miles
Best for Runners Who Like: amazing views, a flat route, short runs, peace, and quiet


Van Cortlandt Park

To really feel like you are escaping the city, head to Van Cortlandt Park in the Bronx. It’s one of the largest parks in the city and will make you question whether you are actually still in NYC. Explore any of the nature trails or follow this tough route along a popular cross-country race trail.

Distance: 3 miles
Where to Start: The Nature Conservancy
Best for Runners Who Like: hard runs, hills, trail runs, peace and quiet

NYC - Highline 2_
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The Highline

There is another way to escape the busy city streets of New York: go up! The Highline is a 1.5-mile park built on an elevated railroad track. When tackled in the early morning, it’s a peaceful respite from the busy streets. Run down and back for a fast 3-mile route.

Where to Start: West 34th Street and 12th Avenue
Distance: 1.5 miles (or 3)
Best for Runners Who Like: early mornings, flat routes, peace and quiet, short runs



Don’t forget to loosen up and stretch your muscles after your run. Using a foam roller is the best post-run cool down; check out these foam roller exercises for apartment renters.

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